Constitution Day ~ September 17th

In 2004, the U.S. Congress passed legislation requiring educational institutions that receive federal funding to present a program focused on the U. S. Constitution. The Law, Youth and Citizenship Program offers programs and resources to assist teachers in observing Constitution Day. Many other organizations offer free lessons on the Constitution for use in celebrating Constitution and Citizenship Day on September 17. Constitution and Citizenship Day affords teachers the opportunity to incorporate these special lessons at any time during the celebration week or throughout the year. 
Some organizations celebrate Constitution and Citizenship Day throughout the week. At NYSBA's Law, Youth and Citizenship Program, we believe every day is Constitution Day -- so please use these resources at anytime to engage your students.

Remember: LYC also stands for Love Your Constitution! 

How to Get Involved...
     For Teachers and Youth Leaders:

  • Reach out to your school attorney to request a visit
  • Contact local universities and law schools - many have speakers bureaus
  • Reach out to your school's alumni who are now in the legal profession
  • Invite a local elected official to visit your classroom
  • CLICK HERE for tips on inviting an attorney to your classroom

    For Legal Professionals and Law Students:

  • Contact your local school district or your child's school and volunteer to visit
  • Don't forget scout troops, 4-H, after school programs
  • Make a YouTube video and share the link locally and with LYC
  • Write a guest editorial for your local paper on the Constitution and/or citizenship
  • Offer to assemble a panel for a school assembly
  • CLICK HERE for tips on visiting a classroom  

    Click here for helpful resources for attorneys and teachers!

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