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    The New York Criminal Law Newsletter  features updates on Section activities, recent cases and articles about current issues. Edited by Spiros A. Tsimbinos, Esq., the New York Criminal Law Newsletter is published quarterly by the Criminal Justice Section and distributed to Section Members free of charge.

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    Spring 2014

    Message from the Chair
    The Only Rule

    (Mark R. Dwyer)

    Message from the Editor
    (Spiros A. Tsimbinos)

    Feature Articles
    New York Court of Appeals Deals with Consequences of Padilla Decision
    (Spiros A. Tsimbinos)

    Retroactivity of Padilla v. Kentucky in New York State
    (Sheila L. Bautista)

    Court of Appeals Affirms People v. Heidgen and People v. McPherson
    (Edward L. Fiandach)

    Effect of Guilty Pleas on Subsequent Section 1983 Claims of Excessive Force

    (Matthew Paulose Jr. and Valerie K. Mitchell)

    New York Court of Appeals Review

    Scenes from the Criminal Justice Section Luncheon and Awards Ceremony

    Recent United States Supreme Court Decisions Dealing with Criminal Law and Recent Supreme Court News

    Cases of Interest in the Appellate Divisions

    For Your Information

    • Status of New York City Stop-and-Frisk Cases
    • Budget Cuts’ Impact on Operation of Federal Courts; Some Additional Funds Forthcoming
    • Judicial Retirement Amendment
    • Defeat of Retirement Amendment Presents Governor Cuomo with the Opportunity to Appoint All Court of Appeals Members
    • Appellate Division Vacancies
    • Significant Decline in Law School Applications
    • Death Penalty Support Drops Significantly
    • U.S. Violent Crime Begins to Rise
    • New Kings County District Attorney Kenneth Thompson Begins His Term of Office and Begins Appointing Executive Staff
    • Bar Exam Results
    • Recent Law Graduates Having Difficulty Finding Legal Employment
    • Federal Government Continues to Make Payment to Many Who Have Died
    • Efforts to Reduce Prison Populations
    • Mortgage Delinquencies Decline and Home Prices Remain Strong
    • Hate Crimes
    • New City Courts
    • Legalization of Marijuana
    • Court System Provides Increased Funds for Civil Legal Services
    • American Women Make Gains in Achieving Equal Pay
    • 2013 Sees Over 360,000 Deportations
    • Felony Backlog Drops in the Bronx
    • New York County District Attorney’s Office Experiences Turnover with Respect to Executive Staff
    • World Facing Retirement Crisis
    • Decline in Law Enforcement Officers Deaths
    • Florida Population on Track to Surpass New York Sooner Than Expected
    • Obama Appointments to New York Judicial Positions
    • Automobile Industry Experiences Strong Sales in 2013
    • Judges Given Greater Authority with Respect to Probation Terms

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