Q. How do I set up my own LawWatch searches?

A. In order to set up your own LawWatch search, you need to have a subscription to LoislawConnect. However, your comments regarding possible searches can be sent to publications@nysba.org.

Q. Can I subscribe to more than one LawWatch CaseAlert topic?

A. No. Members are invited to choose one area of practice for the CaseAlert service. If you subscribe to a topic and find you would prefer something else, you may unsubscribe and choose a different topic. You may only subscribe to one CaseAlert at a time.

Q. Sometimes I receive a case more than once-why is that?

A. Although we combine search terms when possible, there are times when the same case will fit the search terms used for more than one search. For example, in the matrimonial area, searches may be set up to retrieve cases dealing with custody and another search may deal with maintenance. If a decision covers both custody and maintenance, you will be sent the same case twice.

Q. I just received a case that was published a while ago. What happened?

A. The NYSBA/LawWatch CaseAlert Service is designed to send you notification of newly published cases in the practice area you designate. The only time you should receive a case that is not a recent decision is when a case, which was not officially published, is added to the Loislaw library.

Q. Can I make suggestions for LawWatch searches?

A. Yes, you can make suggestions for LawWatch searches by e-mailing publications@nysba.org. However, please remember that the LawWatch searches were set up to result in cases that are of general interest to attorneys whose practice is in a particular area. For example, we would not include a search for "ABC Corporation" in the Business Law area.

Q. Sometimes the cases are not on the topic I selected. Why is that?

A. As with any legal research, the search terms you use may result in cases you do not want. For example, in the matrimonial area, a search term may be set up using the terms "maintenance and divorce." It is possible that a decision may involve a divorced maintenance worker who robs a bank or is injured on the job.

Q. Can I switch the LawWatch subject area I selected?

A. Yes. From the subject selection page, click Unsubscribe. When you return to the MyNYSBA page click CaseAlerts from the navigation menu and then opt-in to the new subject area you choose from the list.

Q. Can I do legal research using NYSBA?

A. The NYSBA LawWatch CaseAlert Service is designed as a useful tool to provide NYSBA members with notice of new cases that are published in their area of practice. It is not a substitute for legal research. However, as another member benefit, the NYSBA has partnered with Wolters Kluwer Law & Business to provide access to New York Case Law through LoislawConnect. See Free Legal Research for more information.