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2016 - People v Kelly Roberts

2015 - Morningside Heights Booster Club Inc v Casey Cheatham

2014 - People of the State of New York vs.Penn HydraGas, Inc. and Mitchell Tomley, CEO

2013 - Morgan Martin vs. Cattaraugus Programming University  

2012 - State of New York v P.J. Long 

2011 - Pat Parker v Village of Empireville and Board of Trustees of the Village of Empireville 

2010 - State of New York v Shawn Miller 

2009 - Chris Cross v Randy E. Porter 

2008 - Ryan Strongarm v Chris Rocket

2007 - State of New York v Pat C. Macintosh

2006 - State of New York v Terry C. O'Neal

2005 - Macca Elery McLaughlin v Lee and Robbie McLaughlin

2004 - Jo Moncrieff v WSUB-TV, Lee Juno

2003 - State of New York v C. C. Rider

2002 - Sandy and Pat Loam v The National Overland-Youngstown Bank

2001 - State of New York v Monk Agricultural Chemical Co., Taylor and Jefferson Monk

2000 - State of New York v Mickey Jackson

1999 - State of New York v Brandon Berry

1998 - State of New York v Josie Winters

1997 - Jamie June v Dry Gulch Public School District

1996 - Morgan and Jan Crewshank v Jody, Mickey and Rudi Ramirez

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