The New York State Bar Association through its Committee on Women in the Law (“CWIL”) submitted this statement in support of the passage of pay equity legislation in New York at a hearing that took place on December 12, 2011 before the the New York Assembly Standing Committee on Labor, the Standing Committee on Governmental Employees, the Standing Committee on Governmental Operations, the Standing Committee on Oversight Analysis and Investigation, and the Assembly Task Force on Women's Issues.

Pay equity legislation currently under consideration by the New York State Legislature would provide employees with protections against sexism and racism, and protections against employer retaliation for discussing wages with colleagues.

Specifically, CWIL urged passage of A6130/S 2200, the “New York State Fair Pay Act” (the “Fair Pay Act”), which will reduce wage disparities by creating criteria for defining equivalent jobs and ensuring that those jobs are paid equally. The Fair Pay Act will also provide employees with important protections against retaliatory personnel actions by employers, and damages including compensatory, punitive, and injunctive relief as appropriate. CWIL also supports related fair pay legislation, A8348/S5674 that is narrower in scope, providing the anti-retaliation protections and damages provisions only.

NYSBA Memorandum in Support of the Wage and Transparency Act

NYSBA Statement in Support of the Passage of Pay Equity Legislation in New York