The Law, Youth  and Citizenship Program administers several nationally renowned civic education programs, as well as sponsoring many local and regional civic education events. LYC also works with New York teachers and school districts to offer no-cost professional development in the areas of civic and law-related education. The LYC program also offers many no and low-cost publications to teachers, as well as rich online resources for classroom teachers. 

We the People: The Citizen & the Constitution 
In December of 2003, the LYC Program of the New York State Bar Association became the New York State Administrator of the We the People Program of the Center for Civic Education. The program was recently defunded by Congress, but LYC still maintains support for the many NY teachers using the program. 

The primary goal of We the People: The Citizen and the Constitution is to promote civic competence and responsibility among the nation's elementary and secondary students. What makes the program so successful is the design of its instructional program, including its innovative culminating activity. The instructional program enhances students’ understanding of the institutions of American constitutional democracy. At the same time, students discover the contemporary relevance of the Constitution and Bill of Rights. 

The culminating activity is a simulated congressional hearing in which students "testify" before a panel of judges. Students demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of constitutional principles and have opportunities to evaluate, take, and defend positions on relevant historical and contemporary issues.   

CLICK HERE to see our We the People students demonstrate their knowledge. 

Albany Marriott, 189 Wolf Rd.

New Visions High School
The top team, New Visions Law and Government, from Region 3, has the opportunity to testify at the We the People National Hearings in Maryland, April 22-25, 2016 on the University of Maryland Campus.   
CLICK HERE for official site of the 29th Annual WTP Nationals.

The We the People programs are sponsored nationally by the Center for Civic Education, and in New York State, by the LYC Program. The programs are intended to improve knowledge, skills and civic attitudes in our representative democracy. 

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We the People
 Students Demonstrate Their Knowledge at State Bar Association Annual Meeting/2010
Past State Bar President A. Thomas Levin of Garden City (Meyer, Suozzi, English & Klein, PC) and Hon. Jonah Triebwasser of Red Hook (Town and Village of Red Hook Courts) presented the Committee on Law, Youth & Citizenship’s report on civic education. The LYC program reaches more than 500,000 students in New York each year through its many civic education programs. 

Students from the Edward R. Murrow High School in Brooklyn participated in a live We The People demonstration, in which students are asked questions about the U.S. Constitution and its applicability to current times. Judges were members of the LYC Committee.  CLICK HERE to watch the demonstration. 

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