Highlights of the January 2011 House of Delegates Meeting:

• Chief Judge Lippman addressed the House of Delegates with respect to the status of Unified Court System initiatives, providing an update on the Judiciary budget; funding for civil legal services; indigent defense; judicial salaries; juvenile justice; wrongful convictions; and sentencing.

• The Special Committee on Youth Courts provided an overview of the work of youth courts in keeping youths in school and with their families, after which the Greenpoint Youth Court provided a demonstration of a youth court proceeding.

• The Ruth G. Schapiro Memorial Award was presented to Susan B. Lindenauer of New York City, retired counsel to the president and attorney-in-chief of the Legal Aid Society.

• The House approved the report of the Committee on Standards of Attorney Conduct to amend five comments to the Rules of Professional Conduct: Rule 1.8, comment 8 (lawyer’s appointment as a fiduciary); Rule 1.15, comment 3 (client funds and disputed fees); Rule 1.15, comment 4 (third party claims to client property) Rule 8.4, comment 2 (illegal conduct by a lawyer); and Rule 8.4, comment 4 (failure to comply with obligation imposed by law).

• The House approved the report of the Task Force on Government Ethics with respect to the following areas of government ethics: attorney disclosure, municipal ethics, honest services, and due process.

• The House approved a report from the New York County Lawyers’ Association recommending proposed amendments to the statutory and regulatory framework governing the State Commission on Judicial Conduct as well as changes to the Commission’s policies.

• Former President Kathryn Grant Madigan presented a memorial to Miriam M. Netter, former Vice-President, who passed away in September 2010.

• The House approved the report of the Special Committee on Rules for Consideration of Reports proposing rules to govern the process by which reports are published and considered by the Executive Committee and House of Delegates.

• The Task Force on the Future of the Legal Profession presented an informational report on the Task Force’ recommendations to create a roadmap for future use of technology in the profession, to improve legal education and training, to establish a proper work/life balance for attorneys, and to reform the billing structure in law firms.