Highlights of the April 2011 House of Delegates Meeting:

• The House approved the report and recommendations of the Task Force on the Future of the Legal Profession to create a roadmap for future use of technology in the profession, to improve legal education and training, to establish a proper work/life balance for attorneys, and to reform the delivery of legal services.

• The House approved the report of the Special Committee to Review the Code of Judicial Conduct that New York recommending that New York adopt a new set of Rules of Judicial Conduct, based upon the format of the 2007 ABA Model Rules of Judicial Conduct.

• The Task Force on New York Law in International Matters presented an informational report on its work to date in reviewing ways to encourage the use of New York law in international transactions and New York as a forum for the resolution of disputes in international transactions.

• The House approved the report and recommendations of the Committee on the Tort System opposing budget proposals dealing with medical malpractice that would impact the civil justice system.

• The House approved the report and recommendations of the Committee on Court Structure and Judicial Selection, commenting on the proposed new Part 151 of the Rules of the Chief Administrator, which would prohibit the assignment of a case to a judge with a “campaign contribution conflict.”

• The House approved a joint report from the Committee on Standards of Attorney Conduct and the Task Force on Lawyer Advertising recommending amendments to Rule 7.1 of the Rules of Professional Conduct to align the rule with the Second Circuit’s decision in Alexander v. Cahill.

• Past President Michael E. Getnick presented a memorial to S. Hazard Gillespie, former President, who passed away in March 2011.

• The House endorsed the candidacy of James R. Silkenat for the office of President-Elect of the ABA in 2012.