NYSBA Nominating Committee Seeks Candidates

The Nominating Committee invites members of the Association to submit recommendations of themselves or others for consideration in developing its slate of nominees for Association offices beginning in 2015.  It is suggested that anyone wishing to become an officer or member of the NYSBA Executive Committee review Article VIII of the Association’s Bylaws describing the Nominating Committee and nominations for office (www.nysba.org/bylaws).

As part of the selection process, candidates for the offices of President-Elect, Secretary, and Treasurer may be required to appear in person before the Nominating Committee at its meeting on September 23, 2014, in New York City and at its meeting on October 31, 2014, in Albany.  Candidates for the office of Member-at-Large of the Executive Committee may be required to appear in person before the Nominating Committee at one of the two meetings.  No appearance before the Nominating Committee is required for the positions of Vice President, elected delegate (three for each judicial district), the one Member-at-Large recommended by the Section Delegates Caucus, and the one Member-at-Large recommended by the Young Lawyers Section.

Offices for nomination

The Nominating Committee is accepting and will be interviewing candidates for the following:

(a)                President-Elect

(b)               Secretary

(c)                Treasurer

(d)               Members-at-Large of the Executive Committee – Four (please indicate if you are seeking a regular seat or diversity seat)

  • at least one of these Members-at-Large is selected to further ethnic and racial diversity in the Association and must come from a judicial district other than the Thirteenth Judicial District, since there currently is a Member-at-Large selected to further diversity from that district; and
  • at least one of these Members-at-Large is selected from the First Judicial District, since there must be two Members-at-Large from the First Judicial District and there currently is one Member-at-Large from that district.

Other offices

The Nominating Committee does not decide on the names of the Vice-Presidents and the Elected Delegates that are presented to the House of Delegates for election at the Annual Meeting.  (See NYSBA Bylaws, Article VIII § 1(A)(3).)  Similarly, the Nominating Committee does not decide on the names of the one member chosen by the Section Delegates Caucus and the one member chosen by the Young Lawyers Section to fill the positions of Executive Committee Member-at-Large.  Therefore, candidates for these positions are not required to appear before the Nominating Committee.  (See NYSBA Bylaws, Article VIII §§ 1(A)(4) & 1(A)(5).)  However, the Nominating Committee does encourage anyone interested in these positions to contact the Vice-Presidents of their respective judicial districts and/or the Chairs of the Section Delegates Caucus and Young Lawyers Section to determine deadlines and such criteria as may be established for consideration to fill the positions of Vice-President, Elected Delegate, and Executive Committee Member-at-Large from the Section Delegates Caucus and Young Lawyers Section.  For relevant contact information, please e-mail your request to NominatingChair@nysba.org.

Special eligibility criteria for candidates

A candidate for President-Elect or Vice-President must have served as a member of the House of Delegates, but he/she need not be a member of the House at the time of nomination for office.

Candidates for the four Member-at-Large positions of the Executive Committee referenced in Part (d) above must be current members of the House or section chairpersons, or they must have served in either capacity within three years of the time of selection.

Nature of service

The nature of service for Association offices is described in the Association’s Bylaws (www.nysba.org/bylaws).

The President-Elect, Secretary, Treasurer, fourteen Vice-Presidents, and eleven Members-at-Large serve on the Executive Committee and in the House of Delegates, which manage the business and activities of the Association and generally meet quarterly.  They also serve as liaisons to Association committees and sections.

The President-Elect chairs the House, assists the President, and becomes President on June 1 of the following year.  Persons serving as President and President-Elect receive a stipend of $75,000 and $37,500, respectively.

The Secretary keeps a record of House of Delegates and Executive Committee meetings.  The Secretary also chairs the Resolutions Committee and serves as a liaison to the Section Delegates Caucus.

The Treasurer serves as an ex officio member (as does the President-Elect) of the Finance Committee, which oversees the financial affairs of the Association and meets approximately four times per year.  The Treasurer presents the Association’s financial report at each House meeting.

Timetable for submitting recommendations

Members who are seeking office may place their names before the Nominating Committee by self-declaration or nomination.

Candidates for President-Elect must submit their declarations of candidacy to the Secretary by no later than September 1, 2014.

Candidates seeking all other offices are strongly encouraged to file a declaration of candidacy and submit all background materials by September 1, 2014, to ensure adequate time for review by the Nominating Committee.

In making nominations, members are encouraged to keep in mind the Association’s diversity policy, which was adopted by the House of Delegates in November 2003.  The policy emphasizes the commitment to achieving diversity in the “membership, officers, staff, House of Delegates, Executive Committee, Sections and Committees and their respective leaders. Diversity is an inclusive concept, encompassing gender, race, color, ethnic origin, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, age and disability.”

Submissions must include a curriculum vitae or resume and a maximum of five letters of recommendation.  Letters of recommendation should be received prior to the deadlines stated previously.  Please direct this information to the following:

Vincent E. Doyle, III
Chair, Nominating Committee
New York State Bar Association
One Elk Street
Albany, NY  12207
E-mail:  NominatingChair@nysba.org 
Fax:  (518) 487-5564

Timetable for President-Elect candidates' statements for publication

Each candidate for President-Elect is invited to submit a 400-word statement for publication in State Bar News by September 1, 2014.  For more information, please contact Pat Sears Doherty at (518) 487-5536.