Contact: Jon A. Sullivan 
Manager, Media Services & Public Affairs

June 11, 2007


Emergency Management Director, Peter P. Alberti, Receives Inaugural Douglas C. Johnston Award for Excellence in Disaster Preparedness

The New York State Bar Association's Committee on Mass Disaster Response today bestowed the inaugural Douglas C. Johnston Award upon Peter P. Alberti, Director of Emergency Management for Onondaga County, for his excellence in disaster preparedness and in recognition of his efforts to assist disaster victims. The award was presented at a special luncheon paying tribute to Mr. Alberti and to Douglas C. Johnston for whom the award was named, posthumously. The luncheon was attended by State Bar Association President Kathryn "Kate" Madigan, Binghamton (Levene Gouldin & Thompson LLP).

Mr. Alberti should take tremendous pride in receiving this award, named after Doug Johnston, whose reputation as a lawyer who talked the talk and walked the walk was never more evident than when assisting people who had experienced disaster," Association President Kate Madigan said. "Clearly Mr. Alberti has demonstrated his commitment to public service and has distinguished himself by his passion for his community and protecting the rights of those victimized by catastrophe. I congratulate him on this well-deserved honor."

Douglas Johnston was the Vice Chair of the Committee on Disaster Response from 2001 to 2006, while waging a battle with cancer, which finally overcame him last year. He was instrumental in developing the mission of the Mass Disaster Response Committee and played a key role in formulating the committee's disaster response plan. The plan is activated whenever a significant emergency occurs in New York State, like the crash of flight 587 in New York City, the Amtrak train crash in Syracuse in 2001 and the World Trade Center attacks.

Mass Disaster Response Committee Chair Robert J. Saltzman, Brooklyn (NYS Grievance Committee) said, "In times of disaster it can be easily forgotten that people will require more than immediate emergency assistance. It is equally important that individual's legal rights are protected. Doug Johnston understood this and the vital role lawyers play when disaster strikes. Peter Alberti has demonstrated these same qualities and I am proud to present this award to him and I know he will continue to achieve the high standards for which we honor him today."

The award luncheon was held on Friday, June 8, at the M&T Bank Building in Syracuse.