Contact: Jon Sullivan
Manager, Media Services & Public Affairs

October 30, 2007


Prominent Entertainment Litigator Peter Herbert & Entertainment Lawyer Elissa Hecker Produce Authoritative Guide to Entertainment Law and Litigation

The New York State Bar Association has published a new, easy-to-use guide to entertainment litigation, titled Entertainment Litigation, Know the Issues and Avoid the Courtroom. The new manuscript, published by the Association's Continuing Legal Education department, and edited by two leading experts in the field of Entertainment Law, is the definitive guide and a must-read for lawyers and individuals interested in Entertainment Law.

The book is edited and co-authored by prominent litigator and New York State Bar Association leader Peter Herbert Esq., a partner in the Boston law firm Hinckley Allen Snyder LLP. With more than 40 years experience, Mr. Herbert is an expert in Entertainment and Intellectual Property Law, Copyright Law, Trademark Law and Art Law.

Co-editor, Elissa D. Hecker Esq. of Westchester NY (Law Offices of Elissa D. Hecker) is a long time editor of the Entertainment Arts and Sports Law Section Journal, former Chair of the Entertainment Arts and Sports Law Section of the New York State Bar Association, author and private practitioner specializing in Copyright, Trademark and Business Law.

Citing actual case law, this manual was formulated as a concise handbook that explains in simple terms the issues that are fundamental to an artist's career and, accordingly, are commonly the subject of litigation - - such as overreaching managers, contracts without stated performance obligations, protection of an entertainer's creative works under copyright laws, protection of the entertainer's name, likeness, logo and reputation under trademark laws and the right of publicity - - and the usefulness of alternative dispute resolution. There is also significant discussion about the latest developments in intellectual property matters in an age of increasing technology and internet communication, which will help artists and entertainers avoid prolonged litigation.

Mr. Herbert and Ms. Hecker carefully identify and address the pitfalls and obstacles facing entertainers, creative artists and their managers throughout their careers.  Entertainment Litigation, Know the Issues and Avoid the Courtroom, is a great handbook for practitioners wanting to construct the most stable and comprehensive agreements, negotiations, and more, in order to avoid potential litigation.  It is also a great resource for information about Copyright and Trademark Law.

"This is a tightly-edited, practical and straightforward guide to entertainment law-related litigation," said Alan D. Barson, a veteran New York City entertainment lawyer who is Chairman of the Entertainment, Arts and Sports Law Section.  "It confidently leads readers to the right conclusions regarding many of the issues that artists, entertainers and entertainment lawyers face on a daily basis.  I strongly recommend this book for anyone involved with entertainment law and for those who are preparing for a career serving the legal needs of artists and entertainers." 

Those interested in obtaining a copy of Entertainment Litigation, Know the Issues and Avoid the Courtroom can order the book through the Association's website at or by phone at 1-800-582-2452 or by faxing a request to 1-518-487-5618. A fee of $25 for members of the Entertainment, Arts and Sports Law Section, $35 for other NYSBA members and $55 for non NYSBA members applies for each copy.

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