"We are very disappointed that the newly enacted state budget slashes a total of $170 million from the Judiciary's proposed budget for the fiscal year beginning April first.

"When Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman proposed cutting the Judiciary budget by $100 million in early March, he had promised that courthouses would remain open. 

"However, the approved $170 million cut to the Judiciary budget no doubt will impede the functioning of the court system and cause unfortunate delays in the dispensing of justice. Eliminating hundreds of non-judicial positions in the court system (through layoffs and attrition) would cause delays in civil litigation, ranging from child custody cases to commercial contract disputes. We are hopeful that the cuts will not result in the closing of courtrooms. 

"The State Bar Association has offered its assistance to the Chief Judge in identifying ways to minimize the impact of the budget on every New Yorker's access to justice."


Contact: Lise Bang-Jensen
Director of Media Services