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ZON021Interpretation of Zoning Ordinance-Sample Appeal ActionMicrosoft Word (3 pages)
ZON022Lead Agency Notice to Other Interested AgencyMicrosoft Word (17 pages)
ZON023Letter to County Department of Planning Requesting Review of Variance ApplicationMicrosoft Word (2 pages)
ZON024Local Law Establishing Training for Planning Board and Zoning Board of AppealsMicrosoft Word (3 pages)
ZON025Local Law Permitting Appointment of Ad Hoc Temporary Members to Zoning Board of AppealsMicrosoft Word (2 pages)
ZON026Map Endorsement - Subdivision RegulationsMicrosoft Word (1 page)
ZON027Model Conditioned Negative Declaration of SignificanceMicrosoft Word (2 pages)
ZON028Model Special User PermitMicrosoft Word (4 pages)
ZON029Notice of Adoption of Zoning Local Law (Village)Microsoft Word (6 pages)
ZON030Notice of Public Hearing re Interpretation of Zoning Ordinance or Alternative VarianceMicrosoft Word (2 pages)
ZON031Notice of Public Hearing: Planning Board Site Plan Review (Model)Microsoft Word (2 pages)
ZON032Notice of Public Hearing: Zoning Board of Appeals Area Variance (Model)Microsoft Word (1 page)
ZON033Order to Remedy Violation of Zoning Local LawMicrosoft Word (1 page)
ZON034 Planning Board Procedure for Assignment of Alternate MembersMicrosoft Word (1 page)
ZON035 Preliminary Response to RequestMicrosoft Word (4 pages)
ZON036 Rehearing-Notice of Public Hearing re Zoning Board of Appeals DecisionMicrosoft Word (1 page)
ZON037 Request LetterMicrosoft Word (1 page)
ZON038 Resolution Accepting Contract - Zoning to Accommodate Rezoning for Senior Housing Microsoft Word (1 page)
ZON039 Resolution Accepting Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions (Model)Microsoft Word (1 page)
ZON040 Resolution Adopting Zoning Local Law (Village)Microsoft Word (2 pages)















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