As most of you probably have seen on TV and in print media, there was, and continues to be a fairly large Ransomware attack that has affected over 200,000 computers in 150+ countries. The attacks usually come in email with an attachment to open, or link to click on. This, in turn, puts the payload on your PC and it starts executing. Many of these attacks also spread to other computers on the local network.

Although NYSBA has programs and processes in place to prevent the spread of malware like this, our best option will always be informed and cautious users. This is especially true when a “zero day” attack is started. “Zero Day” means the method of attack is so new antivirus and other security program companies haven’t had a chance to update their software to protect the users of the threat.

If you receive an email and it looks suspicious, please delete it or contact In many cases, the suspicious email is something that could be dangerous. Thank you.