Have you ever wondered how to be more effective in marketing yourself or your firm? After all, not everyone can be a "natural" at marketing... or can they?

MarketYourLawPractice.com (MYLP) is a web-based interactive marketing tool developed especially for lawyers. MYLP can help you create a marketing plan that attracts new clients and develops new business. The site is designed to help you grow your practice ethically and effectively through the Four Pillars of Marketing:

  • Retaining and growing existing relationships with clients
  • Attracting new clients and developing new business
  • Building name recognition and awareness
  • Creating targeted and effective communications

Why MarketYourLawPractice.com (MYLP)? MYLP is a unique, first-of-its-kind web-based marketing tool for lawyers.

  • The site replicates its founder's 20+ year career as a personal marketing coach, consultant and in-house marketing director in the legal industry - and contains over 1,000 pages of tools, tip sheets, checklists, templates and the proven coaching process the founder has perfected as a marketing coach to lawyers.
  • Lawyers enter private practice with absolutely NO training in how to start a business or attract clients. MYLP is "the class I should have taken in law school," but it wasn't offered.
  • Lawyers want to focus on billable hours not marketing. Because it is web-based, lawyers can use the site during their non-billable day. Members have access 24/7 to this unique, password-protected website.
  • The site is more than just an archive of articles and documents - it is an interactive process which employs marketing best practices and provides lawyers access at any time to their "Virtual Marketing Coach," comprised of the founder's subject matter experts in all topics related to marketing legal services.
  • The site has many interactive features to keep lawyers focused and on track with their marketing activities and contacts including "remind me" features, scheduling activities directly into Outlook, a secure marketing folder where all things related to an attorney's marketing activities can be stored, and a feature that allows lawyers to send their completed marketing plans to their Virtual Marketing Coach for substantive review and feedback.
  • Personal marketing coaching generally costs $8,000- $10,000 per lawyer per year. MYLP is priced at less than 15% of that cost ($1,200 per lawyer per year) making the site extremely cost-effective for lawyers in private practice.
  • The founder spent over two years serving on her state's Ethics Committee, so the site is founded in ethical marketing strategies for lawyers which comply with the Rules of Professional Conduct lawyers must adhere to or risk an ethics violation.

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Since you are a member of the New York State Bar Association, you benefit from a discounted subscription to MarketYourLawPractice.com. The annual subscription fee is normally $1,450—but you can subscribe for $1,250 when you select the New York State Bar Association logo during the registration process.