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"The capsilized summaries of key cases and legislation allow me to efficiently sort through the deluge of information we receive every day as attorneys. The NYSBA partnership with should prove to be a valuable service to its members."
John P. Bracken, Esq.
Bracken & Margolin LLP
Islandia, NY
is an online advance sheet and research service highlighting and summarizing the most recent and significant New York appellate cases (with links to the full opinions) and reminders about recent legislation and uniform rule changes. Each week several case summary advance sheets, with links to the full case, are provided free-of-charge to NYSBA members.

NYSBA has also entered into an agreement with to provide NYSBA members with an exclusive discount off the full yearly service. To sign up for the full service and receive the NYSBA discount, members should go to and enter discount code NYB2323 when placing their order.

By signing up for the CasePrepPlus service, you will receive additional advance sheets and access to the full library of case summaries. You will also have access to the key word and topic research system for the CasePrepPlus case archives.

Practice areas covered include civil procedure and evidence, personal injury (general negligence, labor law, medical and legal malpractice and products liability), other torts, damages, insurance law, workers' compensation, employment law and discrimination, commercial law, real property law (including SEQRA), matrimonial and family law, estates and trusts law (including elder care law), and criminal law and procedure.

The founder and principal editor is a New York lawyer with more than 30 years of trial litigation experience.

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