County Coordinators Information

The County Coordinators of the Mock Trial program are the primary reason the Mock Trial program in New York State is so successful. County Coordinators are responsible for fielding teams from the schools in their county, distributing materials to their teams, providing attorney mentors to teams in need, arranging the local tournament schedule, securing tournament space and judges, resolving any conflicts, and collecting all relevant CLE information. Nearly all the County Coordinators do even more, such as providing food and drink for teams, helping to arrange for transportation if needed, assisting students in attending the Mock Trial Summer Institute, and holding awards ceremonies for teams at the end of the season. Needless to say, the New York State Mock Trial tournament depends on the hard work of the County Coordinators, and the NYSBA and LYC are grateful for their continued effort each year.                

Attention County Coordinators:  The current Mock Trial Current Case and any Correction Memos or additional information about the case can be found at       

County Coordinators: You can download the PDF files below, save them to your computer or just print them. If you would like a copy of the form in Microsoft Word, please contact Kim Francis at
Checklist of Responsibilities

Sample Dear Educator Letter (provided as an example if you choose to use it)

Sample Mock Trial Tournament Entry Form (provided as an example if you choose to use it)

Mock Trial Team Registration Form (print out only)
Mock Trial Team Registration Form (fillable pdf version)    

Mock Trial Common Core Alignment   

New York MCLE Rules for Mock Trial CLE Credit 

NEW FORM! Effective November 18, 2016
Request for CLE Credit Verification Form*


The 2017 Mock Trial case is scheduled to be released on Wednesday, November 23. The case will be shipped to County Coordinators by UPS ground. You will only be receiving the case in printed hard copies (no cds, flash drives, etc. will be provided). A pdf version of the case will be posted online on Friday, December 2. You can access the file at The file can be downloaded, saved and printed as needed.

Any questions or issues regarding the content of the case should be sent to  If necessary, questions will be forwarded to the Mock Trial Subcommittee for their review. If a revision to the case is required, a correction memo will be issued. County Coordinators will be informed if that should occur. The correction memo(s), revised page(s), and a revised version of the case booklet will be emailed to all County Coordinators and will also be available online in PDF format to easy printing.

After polling the County Coordinators, the Mock Trial Subcommittee has decided to keep the Differential Scoring rule in place.

In order to remain in compliance with the Rules pertaining to the Mandatory Continuing Legal Education Program in the State of New York, we are required to make some changes to our process for Attorneys and Judges who request CLE Credit for their participation in Mock Trial.

A new REQUEST FOR CLE CREDIT VERIFICATION FORM will be provided by email to County Coordinators for dissemination to Attorneys and Judges participating in mock trial in their counties. This new form will require Attorneys and Judges to sign the form to affirm their participation. The signed form must be returned to the County Coordinator, and the County Coordinator must forward the original signed form to the Mock Trial Program Manager in Albany by June 1. Please dispose of any previous forms you have (e.g., Attorney Coach CLE Certification Form and the CLE Credit Request Form) as they will no longer be accepted by the New York State Bar Association as a formal request for CLE Credit.

Please refer to the following section in the case booklet for specific information about CLE Credit: 
Mock Trial Tournament Policies and Procedures, Part II
Section 7. MCLE Credit for Participating Attorneys and Judges (Pages 23-24)