New York Dispute Resolution Lawyer Table of Contents

Spring 2014

Message from the Chair
(John Wilkinson)

Message from the Co-Editors
(Edna Sussman, Laura A. Kaster and Sherman Kahn)

Dispute Resolution Section News

New Subcommittee of Mediation Committee

Reports from the Dispute Resolution Section Annual Meeting Program

Ethical Compass
The Cheater’s “High”—Harmonize Ethics, Research and Negation Behavior
(Professor Elayne E. Greenberg)

How Technology Assisted Review Can Decrease the Cost of E-Discovery in Arbitrations
(Ignatius Grande and Joseph Lee)

The American Arbitration Association’s Amended Commercial Arbitration Rules
(Eric P. Tuchmann)

The Basics of Company Valuation for Dispute Resolution Professionals
(David R. Hobbs and Chris Thorpe)

The Forum of Choice for Arbitrating Cybersquatting: The Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy
(Gerald M. Levine)

Class Arbitration Decisions in 2013 Confirmed the Importance of Class Action Waivers
(Lea Haber Kuck and Gregory A. Litt)

What Is Expert Determination? The Secret Alternative to Arbitration
(Steven H. Reisberg)

Condition Confusion: A Look at BG Group PLC v. Republic of Argentina
(Ross J. Kartez)

Negotiation Tricks for Successful Mediators: The Framing Effect
(Claudia Winkler)

Conflicts Between the Ethical Principles That Are Critical to Preserving Trust in the Mediation Process—A Need for Increased Understanding and Concern
(Simeon H. Baum and Daniel F. Kolb)

The German Mediation Act—An Overview
(Prof. Dr. André Niedostadek, LL.M.)

In New York, Limitations on Use of Estoppel Doctrine to Join Non-Signatories to an Arbitration Agreement
(Alexandra Dosman)

Will Patents Be the Next Wave in Investor-State Arbitration?
(Sherman Kahn)

Book Reviews
The Rise of Transparency in International Arbitration: The Case for the Anonymous Publication of Arbitral Awards
(Reviewed by Kim J. Landsman)

The College of Commercial Arbitrators Guide to Best Practices in Commercial Arbitration, Third Edition
(Reviewed by Stefan B. Kalina)

Case Notes
Second Circuit Denies Argentina’s Foreign Sovereign Immunity Claim in Arbitration Dispute—Blue Ridge Investments, L.L.C. v. Republic of Argentina, 735 F.3d 72 (2d Cir. 2013)
(Michael L. Huggins)

The Ninth Circuit Precludes Parties from Contractually Divesting Courts of Authority to Review Arbitration Awards as Specified in the FAA—In re Wal-Mart Wage and Hour Employment Practices Litigation, 737 F.3d 1262 (9th Cir. 2013)
(Steven W. Shuldman)

Excluding Evidence in Arbitrations Is Not Always a Basis for Vacatur—Doral Financial Corp. v. García-Vélez, 725 F.3d 27 (1st Cir. 2013)
(Laura A. Kaster)