Current Case for NYS Mock Trial

The 2020 Mock Trial case is expected to be released at the end of November.  The case will be posted here after that.

(Note: This link will always provide the most current version of the case and will include all corrections and revised pages).

Note: It is possible that once the case has been released and teams begin to work with it, questions may arise, and corrections may be required.  All questions and comments about the case should be submitted in writing (no phone calls please) and sent to your County Coordinator or to the NYS Bar Mock Trial Statewide Coordinator for review.  If necessary, the Statewide Coordinator will forward the questions to the Mock Trial Subcommittee for their review, and if necessary, a Correction Memo will be issued, along with any revised pages which may need to be inserted into the case booklet.  All Correction Memos and Revised Pages will be provided to the County Coordinators, who will notify the team coaches/advisors. The Correction Memo and Revised Pages will also be posted here for easy access. Once a Correction Memo has been issued, the current pages in the case booklet should immediately be replaced with the Revised Pages.  An updated version of the case will also be available at the link above if you choose to reprint the entire case.


Instructions for updating your copy of the case when a Correction Memo has been issued:  

1. PRINT the most recent Correction Memo and Revised Pages.

2. REPLACE current pages in your case booklet with the most recent revised pages.  

Current Mock Trial Tournament Rules/Policies/Procedures
Click here to view and/or print the most current version of the Mock Trial Tournament Rules, Policies and Procedures.  

Click here for a summary of the 2020 Rule changes (all changes are included in the case booklet).

Relevant Caselaw Text
Click here to view and/or print the text of each of the caselaw summaries listed in the mock trial case materials (page xxx).   

All questions or comments about the case should be submitted in writing (no phone calls please) to:

Kim Francis
Mock Trial Statewide Coordinator    
New York State Bar Association 
[email protected]