Current Case for NYS Mock Trial

The 2018 Mock Trial case is People v. Carson Conners

Based on questions received and reviewed by the Mock Trial Subcommittee, the following corrections have been made to the case materials:

CORRECTION MEMO #1 – dated January 16, 2018
• Table of Contents
   – Revised page iii only
   – Revised page iv only
   – Entire Table of Contents with revised pages
• Case Summary – Revised pages are 49-R and 51-R
   – Revised page 49-R only
   – Revised page 51-R only
   – Entire Case Summary with revised pages
• Exhibit – City Court Information
   – Revised page 89-R
Entire case with all revised pages

Click on the links above to print the Correction Memo and all corresponding revised pages.  Remove the previous page(s) from your copy of the case booklet and replace them with the revised version(s) immediately.
Keep a copy of the Correction Memo with your case booklet for reference.

It is not necessary to reprint the entire case (you can just replace the revised pages and Table of Contents).

Please note:
Questions or comments about the mock trial case should be put in writing and sent to:

Kim Francis
Mock Trial Program Manager
NYS Bar Association 

All questions/comments/corrections will be reviewed by the Mock Trial Subcommittee, and if deemed necessary, the subcommittee will issue a Correction Memo or Memos.  County Coordinators will be provided with all issued Correction Memos and will in turn, notify the team coaches/advisors.



Click here to view and/or print the text of each of the caselaw summaries listed in the mock trial case materials (pages 95-96).