Welcome to the Pathway Newsletter

New York State Bar Association President - David Miranda

“The goal of education is the advancement of knowledge and the dissemination of truth.” John F. Kennedy

On behalf of the New York State Bar Association,  welcome  to the inaugural issue of the Pathway to the Profession E-News.  Whether you are a first year law student or a recent graduate, the articles and information contained in this newsletter are relevant to your continued success in this profession.  

As President of the New York State Bar Association, Pathway to the Profession is one initiative I am passionate about.  Law students are the future of the legal profession, and taking an active role in the Bar Association is just one way which you can participate in your career.  Being active in the Bar Association provides you access to more than 74,000 other member attorneys.  Those members are a fantastic resource for any student or new attorney.  The members you meet today will be your colleagues, acquaintances and friends in the years to come.  

The New York State Bar Association is your source for keeping up-to-date on all the changes which take place in local, state and federal law.  Our CLE (Continuing Legal Education) Department is one of the best and most extensive in the country.  The programs it offers will assist you in maintaining your law license and provide you with current information needed for the practice of law.   

Our program was developed to provide support to law schools and students to help prepare your transition from school to your career through tailored programs designed to complement existing curriculum and create new opportunities for your academic experience. 

The keys to success are in your hand.  Become involved in a practice specific Section or Committee, as well as our Young Lawyers Section. The more involved you become the greater benefit you will reap.  Your involvement in the organized bar will remind you every day that being an attorney is a noble profession, one that serves the public good, and is both rewarding and satisfying. It will help you keep your passion for the law and the justice system alive and burning bright.