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The Lawyer Assistance Committee (LAC) is charged with the duty, in collaboration with the New York Bar Association Lawyer Assistance Program (LAP), of assisting attorneys, judges and law students dealing with alcoholism or substance abuse and other addictive disorders. LAC will also assist those dealing with such issues as stress, depression, problem gambling, vicarious trauma, and other mental health issues where appropriate.  In addition, the LAC is charged with the duty of formulating policies which will support its primary purpose. The LAC shall encourage and assist local bar associations in the development of education and outreach programs designed to facilitate the identification and rehabilitation of attorneys, judges and law students afflicted with these problems.  In appropriate instances, as directed by the Appellate Division of State Supreme Court, LAC shall provide assistance to that court, to the extent possible along with the NYSBA LAP, in the monitoring, supervision and rehabilitation of attorneys with such conditions.  

The Lawyer Assistance Committee is chaired by Gary Reing, Esq. and oversees NYSBA's award-winning  Lawyer Assistance Program. Assistance is also available at 800-255-0569.

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On April 10, 2010 the New York State Bar Association's  House of Delegates and Executive Committee approved a Model Policy to assist bar associations, law firms and other legal departments in addressing impairment issues. 

LAC Model Policy 

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