Complete List of E-Books

Admission to the New York State Bar

Arbitration and Mediation—2016-2017

Attorney Escrow, 4th Edition

Best Practices in Legal Management (w/Forms)

Business/Corporate & Banking Law Practice—2016-2017

Contesting NYS Tax Assessments, 4th Edition

Contract Doctrine & Marital Agreements in NY 3d

Counseling Content Providers in the Digital Age

The Courts of New York: A Guide to Court Procedures

Criminal and Civil Contempt, 2nd Edition

Criminal Discovery

Criminal Law and Practice—2016-2017

Debt Collection & Enforcement of Money Judg 2d

Debt Collection and Judgment Enforcement—2016-2017

Depositions Practice and Procedure 2d Ed

Disability Law and Practice--Book One

Disability Law and Practice—Book Two

Elder Law & Special Needs Plan/Will Drafting—2016-17

Entertainment Law, 4th Edition

Entertainment Litigation

Estate Planning and Will Drafting, 2016 Revision

Evidentiary Privileges, Sixth Edition

Foundation Evidence, Questions and Courtroom Protocol

Grow Your Practice: Legal Marketing & Business Development Strategies


Handbook for Appeals to Appellate Divisions

Handbook for Appeals to the Court of Appeals

Impasse Resolution Under the Taylor Law, 2d Ed.

In the Arena: A Sports Law Handbook

Insurance Law Practice, Second Edition 2016 rev.

Labor, Employment and Workers' Comp. Law—2016-17

Lefkowitz on Pub Sector Lab & Employment Law

Legal Careers in NY State Government, 10th ed.

Legal Manual for New York Physicians, Fourth Edition

Legal Writer: Drafting NY Civil-Litigation Docs

Legal Writer: Writing it Right

The Legal Writer Bundle (Books I & II)

Limited Liability Companies—2016-2017

Making a Modern Constitution

Matrimonial Law—2016-2017

Mechanic's Liens—2016-2017

Model Partnership Agreements

Mortgage Foreclosures—2016-2017


Municipal Ethics in New York

New York Antitrust and Consumer Protection Law

New York Contract Law: A Guide for Non-NY Attorneys

New York Criminal Practice, 5th ed.

New York State Public Health Legal Manual

NY Residential Landlord-Tenant Law—2016-2017

NYSBA NY Rules of Professional Conduct

Pathway to the Profession: From Law School to Lawyer

Post-Trial Practice and Procedures

Preparing For and Trying the Civil Lawsuit, 2016

Probate and Admin. of Decedents' Estates—2016-2017

Probate and Administration of N Y Estates, 2nd Ed

Products Liability in New York, 2nd ed.

Real Estate Transactions • Commercial—2016-2017

Real Estate Transactions • Residential—2016-2017

Representing Personal Injury Plaintiff in NY—2016-17

Sales & Use Tax & the NY Construction Industry

Social Security Law and Practice – 2016-2017

The Planning Ahead Guide (2016)

The Practice of Criminal Law Under the CPLR 6th

Workers' Compensation Law and Practice in NY

Understanding the Second Amendment

Zoning Land Use & Enviro. Law—2016-17