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Perspective (Young Lawyers Section Newsletter)

Spring 2018

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From the Editor's Desk 
Keri A. Mahoney and Norina Melita

A Message from the Chair
John P. Christopher

The Legal Profession—Attorneys and Courts—Bulwark Against Injustice
Michael L. Fox

Taxation of Fiber Optic Cables in New York State
Dylan C. Harris

Young Lawyers Section Event Photos

Raising the Bar: Adjusting the New York Law School Curriculum to Prepare for an Inevitable Exam

Benjamin Pomerance

Digital Footprints and the Fourth Amendment: The Right of the People to Be Secure in Their Persons
Roya Imani

The Young Lawyers Section Welcomes New Members

Perspective Editor, Section Officers and Committee Chairs

The Young Lawyers Section print newsletter (Perspective) is published by the Young Lawyers Section and distributed to Section Members free of charge. Edited by Keri Mahoney, Esq., Perspective features substantive legal articles on current issues in all areas of practice, offers more in-depth treatment of professional development, career and networking topics, and provides a forum for expressing opinions and/or commentary on issues affecting young lawyers.

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