Committee on Education

Chaired by Jackie Nolan Haley, Director of the ADR & Conflict Resolution Program at Fordham Law School, the Education Committee has an important agenda for the year. Fordham, which was ranked 8th in the nation by the 2011 U.S. News & World Report for its Dispute Resolution program, is pleased to take the lead on this important NYSBA DR Section activity.

ADR, where controversies between parties are settled outside of the litigation process, is one of today’s most dynamic areas of legal practice.  Its significant recent growth requires a re-examination of how ADR is taught in law schools. We are fortunate to have Steve Younger, a previous chair of the Dispute Resolution Committee and one of those instrumental in the creation of this DR section, as the President of the NYSBA this year. Steve has asked us to look into the question of including ADR in the New York State bar exam.

To accomplish its goals, the committee will explore how ADR is currently being taught in law schools in New York State. The analysis will review whether and how ADR is included in the curriculum and what kind of extra-curricular activities are offered to educate students about ADR. The Committee is working on responding to research what other states are doing on their bar exam with respect to ADR and consider whether and how ADR should be added to the NYS bar exam.

The Committee includes in its membership professors from several of New York State’s law schools. The Committee will be working with the Membership Committee to develop a network of student liaisons to the DR Section across the state at the various law schools and to offer additional ADR educational opportunities to law students.

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