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    The New York Dispute Resolution Lawyer features peer-written substantive articles relating to the practice of dispute resolution on various topics including arbitration, mediation, and collaborative law. Also included are updates on case law and legislation, as well as Section activities. Edited by Edna Sussman, Esq., Laura A. Kaster, Esq. and Sherman Kahn, Esq. the New York Dispute Resolution Lawyer is published by the Dispute Resolution Section and distributed to Section Members free of charge.

    The New York Dispute Resolution Lawyer is published as a benefit for members of the Dispute Resolution Section and is copyrighted by the New York State Bar Association. The copying, reselling, duplication, transferring, reproducing, reusing, retaining or reprinting of this publication is strictly prohibited without permission. 
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    SUMMER 2016

    Message from the Chair

    (David C. Singer)

    Message from the Co-Editors-in-Chief
    (Edna Sussman, Samaa Haridi, Julie Bédard, Laura A. Kaster and Sherman Kahn)

    Section News
    Proposal for Court-Annexed Voluntary Mediation in the Civil Courts of New York State
    (New York State Bar Association Dispute Resolution Section)

    Ethical Compass
    …because it's not just about money
    (Professor Elayne E. Greenberg)
    The Curious Tom Brady "Deflategate" Case
    (Kim Landsman)

    Architectural Underpinning: Consequences of Violating Provider Rules
    (Gerald M. Levine)

    The Case for Bringing Diversity to the Selection of ADR Neutrals
    (Theodore K. Cheng)

    Recovery of Attorneys' Fees and Costs: Displacing the "American Rule" in Petitions to Confirm International Arbitral Awards
    (Mark Stadnyk)

    Down the Path to Regulation: Arbitration Safe for Now, but the CFPB Is Moving to Bar Litigation Class Waivers
    (Russ Bleemer)

    The Global Pound Conference: the Journey to Determine the Needs of Users has Started
    (Deborah Masucci)

    Precedential Value of Arbitral Awards in International Arbitration
    (Josefa Sicard-Mirabal)

    Increasing Internationalization of Chinese Arbitration
    (Elizabeth Cheung-Gaffney)

    Is New York Law Appealing to Asian Parties?
    (Gilles Cuniberti)

    Virtual International Arbitration: The Fast Development of Technology and Its Impact on Arbitration Proceedings
    (Fabio Cozzi)

    The Trans-Pacific Partnership Investment Chapter: Setting a New Standard in International Investment Agreements
    (Mélida Hodgson)

    Methods of Facilitating Mediation by Arbitrators in China
    (Jessica Fei and David Gu)

    Promoting Settlement in Arbitration: Is the "German Approach" Really Incompatible With the Role of the Arbitrator?
    (Klaus Peter Berger)

    Dispute Board Rules Currently in Force: A Selective Overview, Comparison and practical Considerations
    (Paul G. Taggart and Yasemin Cetinel)

    A Method for Efficient and Transparent Decision Making—A German Experience Suitable for International Arbitration?
    (Jan K. Schäfer)

    Book Reviews
    Domain Name Arbitration

    (Reviewed by Laura A. Kaster)

    You, Too, Can Be a Superforecaster
    (Reviewed by Michael Palmer)

    Case Notes
    DirecTV v. Imburgia—What Does It Mean?
    (Laura A. Kaster)

    Goldman, Sachs & Co. v. Athena Venture Partners, L.P.
    (David Zaslowsky, Grant Hanessian and Michael Bloom)