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spring 2018

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Remarks from the Chair
(Barry Skidelsky)

Pro Bono Update
Editor’s Note
(Elissa D. Hecker)

Law Student Initiative Writing Contest

The Phil Cowan Memorial/BMI Scholarship Writing Competition

NYSBA Guidelines for Obtaining MCLE Credit for Writing

Some Bills on the Hill in 2017

(Cheryl Davis)

Sports and Entertainment Immigration: Immigration by the Numbers and Some Recent Developments of Note
(Michael Cataliotti)

Resolution Alley: Considering Arbitration or Mediation for Licensing Disputes
(Theodore K. Cheng)

Hollywood Docket: Essential Clauses for Drafting an Ironclad Release and Consent Agreement
(Neville L. Johnson and Douglas L. Johnson)

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Theft or Transformation? Let Hip-Hop Breathe—Sampling as Fair Use

(Caroline Barry)

2018 Annual Meeting Transcript

A Case for Law as an Artistic Medium

(Caroline Keegan)

“Anything Goes”: Regulating the Conduct of Money-Bundling Broadway Co-Producers
(David Manella)

New Hope from an Old Law? Rethinking Television Antipiracy Strategies in the Internet Protocol Television and Over the Top Era
(Raymond J. Dowd and Samuel Blaustein)

The Light at the End of the Runway: Clarifi cation of the Conceptual Separability Test May Help Correctly Shift the Balance of Copyright Protection in Favor of Fashion Designers
(Sean McGrath)

Krell’s Korner: Space, Sitcoms and the 1960s
(David Krell)

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Diverse opinions contribute to the vitality of the law, and for every topic there are many issues to be addressed. The Entertainment, Arts and Sports Law Journal is a forum for ideas and a repository for legal analyses and theories. The EASL Journal presents topics that EASL attorneys address on a daily basis, and provides comprehensive overviews of both large issues that affect a majority of the EASL Section membership and analyses of more specific issues that affect only a few. In addition to contributions from practicing attorneys, the EASL Journal accepts articles from laypersons involved with issues that affect many in the EASL fields. Edited by Elissa D. Hecker, Esq., the EASL Journal is published three times a year by the Entertainment, Art and Sports Law Section and distributed to Section members free of charge.

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