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    Each Government, Law and Policy Journal features peer-written substantive articles with a theme on a current issue of interest to government attorneys. Past themes have included NY Innovative Public Policy; Aging and Longevity; Renewable Energy; Civil Rights and Disabilities Law; Firearms, Public Safety and the Law; The Oversight Function: Guarding the Public Interest; New York State's Budget; Beverage Alcohol Law: Regulation and Policy; Public Authority Reform; Freedom of Information Law; and Climate Change. Edited by Rose Mary K. Bailly, the Government, Law and Policy Journal is published twice per year and is available to Local, State and Government Law Section members free of charge.

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    Rural Justice in New York State: Challenges and Recommendations

    Editor’s Foreword
    Rose Mary K. Bailly

    Introduction: Access to Justice in Rural New York
    Scott Fein

    Behind the Scenery: A Rural New York Portrait
    Susan L. Patnode, Julie A. Davies and Lisa A. Frisch

    Bridging the Justice Gap in Rural New York
    Kristen Wagner

    Access to Counsel in Local Courts in Rural New York State

    Andrew Davies and Alyssa Clark

    The Justice Court: Leveraging Their Local Connections
    John Dow

    Tribal Courts and Access to Counsel: The Breaking of Gideon’s Promise in Indian Country
    Patrick Wood

    Tribal Injustice: The Past, Present, and Future of the Violence Against Women Act
    Marcella Sgroi

    Barriers to Providing Civil Legal Services to Rural Clients: A Case Study, Some Innovations, Some Thoughts, but No Final Answers
    Victoria M. Esposito

    Securing Safe and Habitable Housing for Low-Income Tenants in Rural New York: The Role of Landlords, Code Enforcement, and Courts
    Sujata Ramaiah and David Kagle

    Lacking Lawyers: A Rural Business’ Disadvantage
    Taier Perlman

    Using Technology to Improve Rural Access to Justice
    Ray Brescia

    Fostering Excellence in the Town and Village Justice Courts
    Anthony Galvao

    Report of the New York State Permanent Commission on Access to Justice