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    Each Government, Law and Policy Journal features peer-written substantive articles with a theme on a current issue of interest to government attorneys. Past themes have included Firearms, Public Safety and the Law; The Oversight Function: Guarding the Public Interest; New York State's Budget; Beverage Alcohol Law: Regulation and Policy; Public Authority Reform; Freedom of Information Law; and Climate Change. Edited by Rose Mary K. Bailly, the Government, Law and Policy Journal is published twice per year and is available to NYSBA members free of charge. NYSBA members may be added to the mailing list by sending a request to

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    Disability Accommodations

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    Summer 2014

    Aging and Longevity

    Editor’s Foreword
    Rose Mary K. Bailly

    Medicaid, Medicare and Increased Longevity
    Robert Abrams

    The Rise and Fall of the Medicare Catastrophic Coverage Act
    Richard Alterbaum

    Aging Up the River: Law and Policy Challenges Facing America’s Graying Prison Population 
    Benjamin Pomerance

    Perspectives on the Role of Government and the Court System in Addressing the Legal Needs of Individuals with Diminished Mental Capacity
    Robert Cannon

    Parens Patriae Power: The Court’s Role in Addressing the Fragility of Capacity

    Lauren J. Numeroff

    Judicial Perspectives
    Hon. Tanya R. Kennedy and Hon. Arthur M. Diamond

    The Valuable Role of the Aging Services Network
    Greg Olsen

    Aging in the Digital Age: How Seniors Can Use Technology to Access Needed Government Benefits and How Government Can Play an Important Role in Helping to Bridge the Technology Gap for Older Adults
    Christine Julien