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    Each Government, Law and Policy Journal features peer-written substantive articles with a theme on a current issue of interest to government attorneys. Past themes have included Firearms, Public Safety and the Law; The Oversight Function: Guarding the Public Interest; New York State's Budget; Beverage Alcohol Law: Regulation and Policy; Public Authority Reform; Freedom of Information Law; and Climate Change. Edited by Rose Mary K. Bailly, the Government, Law and Policy Journal is published twice per year and is available to NYSBA members free of charge. NYSBA members may be added to the mailing list by sending a request to

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    Winter 2014

    New York: A Laboratory for Innovative Public Policy

    Editor’s Foreword
    Rose Mary K. Bailly

    Introduction: New York: A Laboratory for Innovative Public Policy
    Scott Fein

    Progressive Policy and Legislation in New York State, Continued: The Last Four Decades
    Dan Feldman

    Pumping Oxygen into the Room 
    Jonathan E. Gradess and Shari Silberstein

    New York's Leadership Role in Drug Law and Criminal Sentencing Reform
    John R. Dunne and Nicholas J. Faso

    Evidence-Based Public Safety Management: The Diffusion of Compstat

    Dennis C. Smith and William Bratton

    Alternatives to Incarceration: The New York Story
    Greg Berman and Robert V. Wolf

    NYC FUSE Reentry Housing: A Scalable, Data-Driven Solution for a "Wicked Issue"
    Martin F. Horn and Ryan J. Moser

    Great Moments in New York Pro Bono History
    Henry M. Greenberg

    Pushing the Envelope on Pro Bono: The New York Judiciary's Initiatives in Legal Education
    Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman

    State Intervention in Municipal Fiscal Distress
    Peter J. Kiernan

    Public Authorities and Their Reform: A New York State Innovation
    Scott Fein