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    Inside (Corporate Counsel Section Publication) provides updates on Section activities, recent cases, and articles about current issues. Topics of past articles include ethics, privilege, corporate criminal liability and internal investigations. Inside is published by the Corporate Counsel Section and distributed to Section Members free of charge.

    Inside is published as a benefit for members of the Corporate Counsel Section and is copyrighted by the New York State Bar Association. The copying, reselling, duplication, transferring, reproducing, reusing, retaining or reprinting of this publication is strictly prohibited without permission. © New York State Bar Association. All rights reserved. ISSN 0736-0150 (print) ISSN 1933-8597 (online)

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    WINTER 2015

    Message from the Chair
    (Natalie Sulimani)

    Inside Inside
    (Jessica Thaler and Elizabeth Shampnoi)

    Inside Interview: Lura Hess Bechtel, Esq.
    (Arthur Shalagin)

    The Engagement Letter: Defining the Attorney-Client Relationship
    (Amianna Stovall and Joel A. Chernov)

    Fact-Finding Litigation: Gain the Upper Hand and Boost the Bottom Line
    (Anastasia Wincorn)

    Amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure: Synopsis of What You Need to Know
    (Yann Geron and Elizabeth Viele)

    Lawyers and Enterprise Risk Management: Balancing Business and Independence
    (Richard Alleyne and Pete Maloney)

    Courts Increasingly Hold Companies Accountable When Their Outside Counsel Lacks E-Discovery Expertise
    (Daniel Meyers)

    Feedback Please! Working Effectively and Ethically with Litigation Consultants
    (Jennifer Scullion and Johanna Carrane)

    When Posts Speak Louder Than Words: Considerations for Avoiding Litigation Through Effective Employee Social Media Policies
    (Asari A. Aniagolu)

    Shareholder Litigation and Forum Selection Provisions
    (Jennifer L. Permesly and Stephanie Sado)

    Why You Should Always Mediate

    (John R. Goldman and Anna M. Hershenberg)

    Did You Select the Right Arbitrator?
    (Jeffrey T. Zaino)

    Arbitration—A Case for Judges to Be Heard
    (Judge Billie Colombaro)

    The Role of In-House Counsel in the Mediation Process

    (Leslie A. Berkoff)

    In-House Counsel’s Key Role in Arbitration: Ensuring the Process Meets Company Expectations
    (Richard L. Mattiaccio)

    Interim, Provisional and Conservatory Measures in U.S. Arbitration
    (Steven Skulnik)

    Hacking Arbitration
    (Erin Gleason Alvarez and Alexandra Dosman)

    Inside Books: The Road to Character
    (Reviewed by Janice Handler)