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2018: Vol. 31, No. 1

Message from the Immediate Past Chair and the New Section Chair

Message from the Editor

Practicum: Form and Policy

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency: An Introduction and Primer

Mayme Donohue

Cryptocurrency Is Borderless—but Still Within the Grip of U.S. Regulators
David H. McGill, Benjamin J.A. Sauter and Beau D. Barnes

Real Property Transfers Ripe for Blockchain Disruption: Laws in the U.S. Must Follow the Technology
Mercedes Tunstall, Andrew Caplan, Nathalie Prescott and Brittney Sandler

U.S. Intellectual Property Protection in the Blockchain Industry: Trends and Solutions
Matthew R. Schantz and Jeffery T. Gorham

Korean Regulation and Taxation of Cryptocurrencies
Soo-Jeong Ahn, Gun Kim, Hyo Sung Lee, Jin Soo Soh and Ja Young Lee

The Korean Premium: Cryptocurrency—Arbitrage Phenomenon in Korea
Samuel Yim, Gye-Jeong Kim and Mooni Kim

Cryptocurrency Regulation in Canada
Ana Badour and Shauvik Shah

Cryptocurrencies: The Cayman Islands Is Open for Business, for Now
Jalil Asif QC, Rebecca Hume and Pamella Mitchell

Cryptocurrency Regulation in Australia
Peter Reeves

The Public Offering of Coins and Tokens Under Austrian Capital Markets Law
Stefan Paulmayer

Cryptocurrencies as Such and the Austrian Capital Markets Law
Raphael G. Toman

Regulation of Cryptocurrencies and Initial Coin Offerings in Switzerland: Declared Vision of a “Crypto Nation”
Joanna Diane Caytas

German Regulation of Cryptocurrencies and ICOs
Michael Jünemann

Regulation of Cryptocurrencies and Initial Coin Offerings in Poland—Ambivalence at Its Best
Joanna Diane Caytas

The Brazil Chapter of the NYSBA International Section

Gerald Ferguson

French Chapter Latest News and Plans in 2018
François Berbinau

United States Rethinks Its Exiting TPP as Remaining 11 Countries Sign the New Agreement, Which Includes Significant Investment Protections
Joaquin P. Terceño and Daniel Allen

Canadian Issuers Focused on Legalized Marijuana, but Keep an Eye on the United States
Gordon N. Cameron

Why Blackrock’s 2018 CEO Letter Matters to Your Company
Azish Filabi, Theano Manolopoulou and Julee Milham

Orphan Drug Approval Route Under Ecuadorian Legislation
David A. Maldonado

The Past, Present and Possible Future of the Spanish Renewable Energy Arbitration Saga
Clifford J. Hendel and María Antonia Pérez

Intra-EU BITs Arbitration Clause Ruled to Be Against EU Law by the Court of Justice of the European Union
Alessandro Benedetti and Iacopo De Totero

Protecting Personal Data: Companies Not in Compliance With EU Regulations Face Serious Penalties
François Berbinau

Italian Supreme Court Gives the Green Light to Foreign Judgments Granting Punitive Damages
Stefania Boscarolli

New Legislation on Registration of Beneficial Owners
Carl-Olof Bouveng and Richard Perez

Russian Sanctions: How Do They Affect U.S. Business?
Serhiy Hoshovsky

Recent Developments—Financial Centers in the Gulf
David Russell QC

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