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    The International Law Practicum features peer-written, substantive articles relating to the practical needs of attorneys in an international setting, emphasizing clinical matters as opposed to academic, exploring the application of international law for the generalist rather than theoretical discussions for the expert. Edited by Amber Wessels-Yen, Esq. (Editor-in-Chief) and Dunniela Kaufman (Chapter News Editor) the International Law Practicum is published twice per year by the International Section and distributed to Section members free of charge.

    The International Law Practicum is published as a benefit for members of the International Section and is copyrighted by the New York State Bar Association. The copying, reselling, duplication, transferring, reproducing, reusing, retaining or reprinting of this publication is strictly prohibited without permission.
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    Autumn 2015

    To Market, to Market: The Pros and Cons of Alternative Methods of Distribution (European Perspective)
    Sofia Cerqueira Serra

    Competition Rules for Distribution in the European Union
    Michael Dean

    International Compliance and Privilege Issues Confronting the Oilfield Services Industry
    Brent A. Benoit and Scott L. Friedman

    "I'm Never Too Far Away": Extradition of Non-U.S. Nationals Charged with Price-Fixing
    Jay L. Himes and Rudi Julius

    Anti-Cartel Enforcement in Brazil: Status Quo and Trends
    Ana Paula Martinez and Mariana Tavares de Araujo

    Corruption in Commercial Disputes Before the New York Courts and International Arbitration Tribunals
    Julie Bédard

    Is the Madrid System for International Trademark Protection Fulfilling Its Promise?

    The Colombian and Mexican Perspective and Experience
    Alejandro Cárdenas

    Thoughts from the European Union Perspective
    Pierodavide Leardi

    Will Brazil Join the Madrid System?
    Marcos Chucralla Moherdaui Blasi

    Commentary: Cross-Border Insolvency in Brazil: The Need for Rules
    Thomas Benes Felsberg

    Chapter News

    Law Report: The Sinking of Safe Harbor—and Navigating the Stormy Waters Ahead
    Gayle McFarlane, Jonathan Armstrong and Andre Bywater

    Law Report: Corruption in Sweden—A Bad Bout of Naiveté with a Bitter Cure
    Peter Utterström, Leif Frykman and Daniel Edman

    Law Report: The Patent Box in Italy—Another Step to Encourage Innovative and Long Term Foreign Investments
    Marco Amorese

    Law Report: International Legal Cooperation Act Enacted—Overview of Spain's New Regime on Judicial Assistance in Aid of Foreign Proceedings
    Maribel Rodriguez Vargas

    Law Report: New Reinsurance Regulation in Brazil
    Vera Carvalho Pinto