Labor and Employment Law Section Meeting Papers and Materials

Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments Act
The Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments Act (ADAAA) - By Simeon Goldman, Esq., September 2011 (pdf)

Collective Bargaining--- Public Sector
Government Consolidations and the Taylor Law: Cooperate, Litigate, or Legislate? - By Matthew Bergeron, Esq., January 2013 (pdf)

Government Mergers and Consolidations - By Terry O'Neil, Esq., January 2013 (pdf)

Disability Law
Disability Rights Law for Labor & Employment Attorneys in New York - By Mark Leeds, Esq., April 2013 (pdf)

Learning When and How to Accommodate Learning Disabilities in the Workplace - By Loren Gesinsky, Esq., September 2012 (pdf)

Emergency Ethics: To Disclose or Not to Disclose, That Is the Question - By Laura Harshbarger, Esq., September 2012 (pdf)

The Beginning and the End -- Scope and Termination [of Representation] - By Daniel Wirtz, Esq., September 2011 (pdf)

Ethical Issues in Terminating a Client -- Lawyer Relationship - By John Gaal, Esq., Cara Greene, Esq., and Laura Harshbarger, Esq., January 2011(pdf)

Contingency Retainers and Multiple Parties: Problems and Pitfalls - By Mariann Meier Wang, Esq., September 2011 (pdf)"(Includes Sample Retainer Documents)

Genetic Discrimination
A Primer on Title II of the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act of 2008 ("GINA") and Its Implementing Regulations - By Heather Giambra, Esq., September 2011 (pdf)

Joint Employment and Co-Employment
Who's the Boss? Co-, Joint and Other Complicated Private and Public Sector Employment Relationships - By Rachel Bien, Esq., September 2012 (pdf)

Who's the Boss? Co-, Joint and Other Complication Private and Public Sector Employment Relationships - By Rich Zuckerman, Esq., September 2012 (pdf)

Immigration Basics for Expats and Secondees - By Marcela Bermudez, Esq., January 2013 (pdf)

Structuring Expatriate Postings - By Renata Neeser, Esq., January 2013 (pdf)

National Labor Relations Act
Recent Acting General Counsel Initiatives and Current Issues Before the NLRB - By Karen Fernbach, Esq., and James Paulsen, Esq., September 2012 (pdf)

Specialty Healthcare: The NLRB's Answer to Organized Labor's Struggle for New Members - By Peter Conrad, Esq., September 2012 (pdf)

The NLRB and Social Media: BFF? - By Barnett Horowitz, September 2012 (pdf)

NY Court of Appeals
Summary of Labor and Employment Law Decisions Issued During 2013, by Philip Maier, Esq., and Kasey Baker, Esq.

Public Sector --- Speech and Discipline Issues
The Fall Out from Garcetti: How Has the Decision Affected Public Employee Discipline? - By Beth Bourassa, Esq., September 2012 (pdf)

Taylor Law Speech Issues - By John Crotty, Esq., September 2012 (pdf)

Trade Secrets, Non-Compete Provisions, and Employee Duty of Loyalty
Representing the Departing Employee and Recent Decisions of Interest - By Arnold Pedowitz, Esq., September 2012 (pdf)

Theft of a Trade Secret Is Now a Federal Crime - By Ethan Brecher, Esq., January 2013 (pdf)

Restrictive Covenants: Limits and Enforcement - By Sheryl Galler, Esq., January 2013 (pdf)

Wage and Hour
Recent Developments Impacting New York Wage and Hour Practitioners - By Wendy Butler, Esq., January 2013 (pdf)

Whistleblower Protection - By Beth Bourassa, Esq., September 2012 (pdf)

Whistleblower Claims Under the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act: The New Landscape - By Jill Rosenberg, Esq. and Renee Phillips, Esq., September 2011 (pdf)