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Law Practice Management Continuing Legal Education programs are open to all members and non-members. Topics include finance, technology, human resources, marketing, client development and day-to-day operations of your law firm. All LPM live programs and events are recorded and available online, on demand. Special member pricing options are available. 

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Attorney Escrow
 Accounts 2015
 | 4.0 Ethics Credits
Addresses the administration of attorney trust accounts – including IOLA accounts – and the rules governing the handling of funds in those accounts.

Avoiding Ethical Nightmares: Attorney Escrow | 1.5 MCLE Ethics Credits 
Everything you wanted to know about NYS Interest on Lawyers Account Fund (IOLA), but didn't know to ask.

Accounting for Lawyers  | 7.0 MCLE Credits 
Designed to help lawyers gain a working knowledge of important issues involving accounting as they relate to the practice of law.  


Microsoft Word Academy for Lawyers
 | 7.0 MCLE Credits in Skills
How to Dramatically Improve Speed and Accuracy While Drafting Complex Legal Documents

Microsoft Word in the Law Office and Document Automation Systems | 3.0 MCLE Credits in Skills
How to Dramatically Improve Speed and Accuracy While Drafting Complex Legal Document

How to Achieve Meaningful Paper Reduction in Your Practice | 3.0 MCLE Credits in Law Practice Management
A Lawyer's Guide to Adobe Acrobat, Scanners and PDFs

Applying for Cyber Insurance 101 | 2.0 MCLE Credits in Law Practice Management
Navigating the Cyber Policy application and cyber security practices for law firms.  

Law Practice Management: Technology Tips for Your Practice | 1.5 MCLE Credits 
Learn 25 ways to streamline your practice and become a more efficient lawyers as well as ways to leverage technology in your day-to-day practice.

Human Resources

"LPM Day" Leadership Development Conference
7.5 MCLE
Tips for Structuring the Leadership Role of Managing Partner and Implementing a Leadership Structure in Law Firms 

The Do's and Don'ts of Finding and Hiring an Associate for your Law Practice | 2.0 MCLE Credits 
How to avoid a future discrimination claim.  

Hiring and Managing Staff - The Lawyer as an Employer (2014) | 2.0 MCLE Credits
Geared toward solo and small firm practitioners, this comprehensive program will address hiring and managing staff.

Basic Human Resources for Solo and Small Firms | 1.5 MCLE Credits
This program provides an overview of human resource compliance. 


Women on the Move 2016
| 4.0 MCLE Credits 
Exposure, Evidence and Ethics -- Social Media's 21st Century Role in Lawyering. 

Legally LinkedIn | 1.5 MCLE Credits in Ethics
What lawyers need to know about LinkedIn and Ways to Market Yourself with your Practice 

2016 Marketing Conference for Solo Practitioners | 7.0 MCLE Credits including 3.0 Ethics
Using technology and the internet to turbo-charge your business development success.  

Client Development

Client Intake: Best Practices for Attorneys
 | 1.0 MCLE Credits
This program includes an overview of what all attorneys need to know about client intake. 

Succession Planning and Client Transition | 1.5 MCLE Credits 
This program will provide an overview of succession planning and client transition.

Law Firm Operations

Risk Management 2016
 | 4.0 MCLE Credits in Ethics
This program will provide practical tips to help improve your practice and lessen the possibility of a malpractice claim or grievance.

2016 Leadership Conference | 7.5 MCLE Credits including 1.5 Ethics
Tips for Structuring the Leadership Role of Managing Partner | Implementing a Leadership Structure in Law Firms. 

Starting a Solo Practice in New York 2016 | 8.0 MCLE Credits including 3.5 Ethics
Get an overview of what it takes to start your own practice, from choosing a business entity to choosing office space and attracting new clients.

The Changing Landscape of the Legal Profession | 2.0 MCLE Credits including 1.0 Ethics
With continued efforts to bridge the serious justice gap between those in need of legal services and those represented by counsel. 

Structuring the Leadership Role of the Managing Partner | 2.0 MCLE Credits in Professional Practice
Overview of structuring the role of the managing partner at a law firm, featuring nationally known management consultants and panelists. 

Virtual Practice | After Schoenefeld v. NY: Where is Your Office? | 2.0 MCLE Credits
Practicing Law Virtually and Ethically | What Lawyers Need to Know 

The Law Practice Management Committee wants to hear from you.  If there is a program topic you would like to see offered in the future, or if you would like to participate in an upcoming program please contact Katherine Suchocki, Esq. at ksuchocki@nysba.org or 518-487-5590. 

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