Law Students

With law student membership dues of only $10, joining NYSBA is one of the smartest investments you can make to help shape your future as a New York lawyer. Now is the ideal time for you to explore the areas of the law that may be right for you and to start making valuable contacts — NYSBA’s Sections and Committees can help you do both. Sections are specialty groups that focus on various areas of practice and offer exclusive programs, publications, web-based resources, and networking opportunities with leading practitioners in the field. As a law student, you may join one or more of 23 State Bar Association sections, many at half price or at dramatically low dues.

Call 518.463.3200/800.582.2452 or go to to become a NYSBA law student member today. 

Your rockin’ rewards include…
An online community and resource center
★ Networking opportunities with practicing attorneys
★ Tools to sharpen your professional skills
★ Preparation tools to rock the bar exam
★ Updates on law-related current events
★ Law Student Competitions, Scholarships & Fellowships

Add a section or two and enhance your benefits … section membership is your fast track to meet the stars of the legal profession in different areas of law. Sections are specialty groups that focus on various areas of practice and offer exclusive programs, publications, online resources, and networking events with leaders in the field. Find the area of law that’s right for you. Join any one or more of 23 NYSBA sections:

Antitrust  $15.00
Business Law  $5.00
Commercial & Federal Litigation  $20.00
Corporate Counsel  $15.00
Criminal Justice  $17.50
Dispute Resolution  $10.00
Elder Law  $15.00
Entertainment, Arts & Sports Law  $17.50
Environmental Law  $17.50
Family Law  $17.50
Food, Drug & Cosmetic Law  $12.50
General Practice  $12.50
Health Law  $15.00
Intellectual Property Law  $15.00
International  $12.50
Labor & Employment Law  $5.00
Municipal Law  $15.00
Real Property Law  $20.00
Tax  $12.50
Torts, Insurance & Compensation Law $5.00
Trial Lawyers  $15.00
Trusts & Estates Law  $5.00
Young Lawyers  $20.00

To learn more, or to join call 518.463.3200 / 800.582.2452, or go to to become a NYSBA law student member today. 

Upcoming Law School Events:

April 15 & 17, 2015 - Brooklyn Law School Information Table,  10 am to 4 pm.
April 16, 2015 - New York Law School Information Table 10 am- 4 pm
April 13 -17, 2015 - Torts, Insurance and Compensation Law (TICL) Section Online Forum in the Law Student Community
April 15, 2015 - TICL Section Prepare to Practice seminar, SUNY Buffalo Law School
April 23, 2015 - Labor and Employment Law Section, Meet & Greet, Albany Law School

The New York Bar Foundation offers students a variety of scholarship and fellowship opportunities. Click here for a current listing.