How Partnering with USI Benefits NYSBA Members:
Solving the equation by following the path from USI Affinity Insurance to NYSBA Professional Development
USI Affinity Insurance Information
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USI Insurance Program:

Through your membership with the New York State Bar Association, you have access to the New York State Bar Association Insurance Program, administered by USI Affinity, with exclusive insurance and benefit solutions not available to the general public. 

USI Affinity has been the endorsed insurance broker to the NYSBA for over 50 years, providing an exclusive Lawyers’ Professional Liability offering to protect New York attorneys against legal malpractice claims. The NYSBA Insurance Program also offers business coverages such as Cyber Liability and EPLI, in additional Medial, Dental and Vision coverages, Life and Disability Insurance and Student Loan refinancing.


NYSBA Member Testimonial:

"To my fellow New York State Bar Association Members:

After being an associate and of counsel in large law firms for almost 18 years, I decided to become a solo practitioner.  At that time, now eight years ago, I used a broker recommended by a friend and went through the process of purchasing professional malpractice liability insurance - something I was not at all familiar with and that I did not need to address during my years at my former law firms.  This year I encountered a problem in renewing my policy with the broker I had been using, and was facing an urgent time issue so that my policy would not lapse.  Since I am a member of the NYS Bar Association,  I turned to USI for assistance.  I was extremely fortunate to find Lana James-Moore at USI. She was able to turn an extremely stressful experience around and my policy was successfully renewed without delay.  Lana was a true professional, an advocate, courteous, and comforting every single step of the way.  I could not possibly thank her enough for assisting me.  I would urge all attorneys requiring insurance to go to the best source that truly understands the needs of attorneys and that call should be made to Lana James-Moore at USI. "

Bea Grossman, Esq., Grossman Law, PLLC, Rockville Centre, NY 

USI Affinity Article:

Click here to read the USI Affinity Article - Defamation Claims Arising Out of the Attorney-Client Relationship and Internet Reviews
- Andrew R. Jones, Esq. and Stefanie A. Singer, Furman Kornfeld & Brennan LLP, New York, NY

Not a Torts, Insurance and Compensation Law Section Member?
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For resources like publications, education, and committees, join the Torts, Insurance and Compensation Law Section today! Become a member and receive exclusive publications including the TICL Journal and the Construction & Surety Law Newsletter. The Section hosts excellent MCLE programs at the Annual Meeting. Committees focus on every aspect of Torts, Insurance and Compensation Law, including Automobile, Professional, Premises and Products Liability, plus -- two Law Divisions -- the Construction and Surety Law Division and the Workers' Compensation Law Division.

CLE Programs on Risk Management

Protecting Your Practice | Risk Management 2016 
Program available to NYSBA members for $100! Use coupon code RECEK3 to receive a $35 discount. Offer valid 5/16/17 - 5/29/17.

Earn 4.0 MCLE Ethics credits while getting up-to-date tips from experienced practitioners and consultants. 

Designed for all practicing attorneys regardless of their level of expertise, this program will offer practical tips to help improve your practice and lessen the possibility of a malpractice claim or grievance. The program includes an overview of the New York Rules of Professional Conduct, disciplinary rules, recent developments and cases of interest. Participants in this program will receive a 7.5% credit toward their CNA Lawyers' Professional Liability premium.  Please note that the 7.5% credit is per attorney participating in the program regardless of status (open to full-time, part-time and moonlighting attorneys). 

Program Topics
• Competency in Area of Practice & Insurance Considerations 
• Recognizing and Handling Conflicts of Interest – Proper Client Intake 
• Effective Client Relations and Resolving Attorney-Client Disputes 
• Relations with Others, Including Partners and Non-Clients 
• Insurance Considerations, including the Appropriate Coverage and the Importance of Proper and Timely Notice  

Reasons to Purchase this Program
- Earn 4.0 Ethics credits 
- Learn about standardization of engagement, non-engagement and disengagement letters 
- Learn about malpractice insurance considerations and purchasing the appropriate coverage 
- Learn about dangers in office sharing and implied partnerships 
- Includes a segment on conflicts of interest 

Insurance Law Practice, Second Edition 
Insurance Law Practice
, Second Edition covers almost every insurance-related topic; discussing general principles of insurance contracts, litigation involving insurance contracts, types of insurance policies, and other pertinent issues. New and experienced practitioners alike will benefit from the practical and comprehensive approach to this complex area of the law.

Print: 41256 | 2016 | NYSBA Members $140 | Non-Members $175
E-Book: 41256E | 2016 | NYSBA Members $140 | Non-Members $175
1.800.582.2452 | | source code PUB8600 
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Municipal Ethics in New York: A Primer for Attorneys and Public Officials
Municipal Ethics in New York is a valuable reference tool for attorneys and public officials who deal with ethical issues relating to municipal and local laws in their daily practice. This publication is a must-have for anyone looking for help navigating the difficult intersection of ethics regulations and local law.

Print: 4142 | 2016 | NYSBA Members $60 | Non-Members $75
E-Book: 4142E | 2016 | NYSBA Members $60 | Non-Members $75
1.800.582.2452 | | source code PUB8600 
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