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    The General Practice Section Publication (One on One) features peer-written substantive articles about current issues facing the general practitioner, and provides updates on Section activities and ethics opinions. Edited by Martin Minkowitz and Richard Klass, One on One is published by the General Practice Section and distributed to Section Members free of charge.

    One on One is published as a benefit for members of the General Practice Section and is copyrighted by the New York State Bar Association. The copying, reselling, duplication, transferring, reproducing, reusing, retaining or reprinting of this publication is strictly prohibited without permission. © New York State Bar Association. All rights reserved. ISSN 0733-639X (print) ISSN 1933-8422 (online)

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    Spring/Summer 2014

    Message from the Chair
    Lewis Tesser

    From the Co-Editors
    (Martin Minkowitz and Richard Klass)

    Incarceration and Suspension of Workers’ Compensation Benefits
    (Martin Minkowitz)

    Alternative Dispute Resolution: A Win for All
    (Irwin Kahn)

    Factors to Consider When Transferring a Residence for Elder Law and Estate Planning Purposes: A Primer
    (Anthony J. Enea)

    Information or Deception? Recent Regulatory Efforts to Help Consumers Identify Advertising in the Digital World

    (Brooke Erdos Singer and Celia R. Muller)

    Identity Theft—Know the Law
    (Clifford S. Weber)

    Do Employers Have the Right to Demand Social Media Passwords from Job Applicants and Employees? If So, Is It Good Practice—and How May the Accessed Information Be Used?
    (Denine K. Carr)

    Seven Strategic Ways to Use LinkedIn
    (Ari Kaplan)

    Faith in the System: The Court’s Role in Determining Custody with Religious Considerations
    (Allyson D. Burger)

    To Challenge or Not to Challenge? Recent Developments Dealing with Pre-nuptial and Post-nuptial Agreements
    (Robert S. Grossman)

    Climate Change Adaption and Mitigation: A Local Solution to a Global Problem
    (Sarah Adams-Schoen)

    Can the Mere Presence of Contaminants Reduce a Property’s Tax Assessment?
    (Shannon M. Jones, Karen M. Richards and Patrick L. Seely, Jr.)

    The Fox in the Henhouse: An Attorney’s Experience Sitting on a Jury

    (Paul F. Clark)

    Book Reviews

    Ethics Opinions 973-984