Pathway to the Profession E-Newsletter, Issue 1 - August/September 2015

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Welcome to the Pathway Newsletter

by NYSBA President David Miranda

David Miranda
On behalf of the New York State Bar Association, welcome to the inaugural issue of the Pathway to the Profession E-News.  Whether you are a first year law student or a recent graduate, the articles and information contained in this newsletter are relevant to your continued success in this profession. 

Inside The New York Bar Foundation

by New York Bar Foundation Director Deborah Auspelmyer

In addition to administering fellowships and scholarships, The Foundation makes grants available to financially support law-related programs of legal services organizations, nonprofits, bar associations and other organizations throughout New York State. The Foundation is able to assist law students, recent graduates and new attorneys with gaining essential in-house legal practice skills through the generous support of the sections of The New York State Bar Association and contributions to restricted funds.

Coming Out On Top:  Advise to Succeed in Law School

by Christopher Jennison

Up until now in your studies; in college and before, being prepared meant having a pen and notebook. Now that you are in law school, thorough knowledge and understanding of the material is demanded. You will now need to complete any required reading for the first day of class and for each class after, so that you do not fall behind in learning the material.

From Immigrants Daughter to Law Student

by Eno-Obong Essien

Another and more personal reason I chose to attend law school was the example my parents set for me and my siblings. My parents immigrated to this country in the early eighties in search of the American Dream. They struggled, worked tirelessly, and despite many setbacks managed to achieve their goal of creating a better life for themselves and their family. Their resilience, in the face of adversity, showed me that I could achieve any goal I set my mind on.  As long as I took my education seriously, worked hard and had the same tenacity as my parents, I would be able to succeed at whatever I set my mind to.

Med School to Law School:  Why I Changed My Mind

by Brittany Pont

Changing my major caught friends and family off guard, especially since they knew I had wanted to be a doctor since I was very young. They saw the practice of law and medicine as polar opposites.  But, I saw it differently:  In Anatomy and Physiology we studied all major organ systems of the body and the skeletal system. The skeleton is responsible for giving the body structure and stability. I saw the study of policy and law as society’s version of the skeleton. 

Is Law School Worth It?  YES!

by Eugene Frenkel

After all the research was completed and the necessary paperwork was submitted, all we could do was to wait for a response. It took several months, but the court finally notified us that our clients received asylum. I was overjoyed! The outcome reinforced my belief that laws, no matter what they are, have a great impact on the lives of people in this country. Working on this case taught me the law can be a valuable tool. Studying law will allow me to pursue a rewarding career in which I would be able to truly make an impact on and contribute to society. 

Legal Ramifications of Using Social Media

by Lexi Herman

How often do people think about the legal ramifications that arise from using social media? Do people consider the fact that the status they want to post about their boss or their company might be considered defamation?  What about privacy issues or copyright violations?  Or even non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements?

Why I Chose Law School

by Priyanka Verma

After college, I interned at family court, where I observed attorneys and judges handling a variety of cases; from juvenile delinquency to child abuse and neglect.  The practitioners on both sides of the aisle were committed to social justice. The focus on rehabilitation, rather than punishment, showed me that those involved wanted to find solutions that were in the best interests of the parties involved. 

Law School Happenings

NYLS has been the film studio for the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 movie and was transformed into One Police Plaza for several days in late May/early June.

Student Voices:  What Law School Means to Me

“I went to law school because I wanted to help people, to feel as though my job makes a difference in the world” – Ella Kulyak Rising, New York Law School '15