William T. Lifland Award

William T. Lifland Award

The NYSBA Antitrust Section's William T. Lifland Award is presented to antitrust practitioners in recognition of their contributions and accomplishments in the field of antitrust. The Service Award acknowledges those who throughout their professional careers have distinguished themselves as leading antitrust practitioners as well as serving the broader antitrust community in a leadership role. The Service Award is presented to the recipient by the Antitrust Section during the Antitrust Section's annual dinner.

Presented by: Antitrust Law Section

Contact: Tiffany Bardwell

Nomination Deadline: No specific deadline date.

Date Presented: January Annual Meeting

Prize Awarded: Tiffany Clock

William T. Lifland Award Previous Award Recipients

2013 Molly S. Boast, Esq.
2012 Stephen D. Houck, Esq.
2011 Ilene Knable Gotts, Esq.
2010 Steven M. Edwards, Esq.
2008 Barbara Anthony, Esq.
2007 Martha E. Gifford, Esq.
2005 Pamela Jones Harbour, Esq.
2004 Lloyd Constantine, Esq.
2003 David Boies, Esq.
2001 Barry J. Brett, Esq.
2000 Prof. Eleanor M. Fox
1999 Milton Handler, Esq.
1998 Irving Scher, Esq.
1997 William T. Lifland, Esq.