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The Corporate Counsel Section of the New York State Bar Association is pleased to welcome Section members and visitors. The Section sponsors CLE, networking and other events and offers LinkedIn and Facebook pages where members can reach out to each other with questions and advice. 

View Member Perspectives on the Corporate Counsel Section: 
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Meet the Section Chair
SulimaniNatalie Sulimani is the new chair of the 1,659–member Corporate Counsel Section. 

Natalie Sulimani is the founder of Sulimani Law Firm, PC.  She is engaged in a wide variety of intellectual property, technology and general corporate matters with a strong focus on start-ups and entrepreneurs.  She has represented both domestic and international clients in an array of industries, including internet and new media, entertainment, jewelry, consulting and the arts.

Natalie started her legal career in commercial litigation at one of the top international law firms located in New York City. With this invaluable experience, she then served as in-house counsel at a start-up jewelry company. This company introduced non-conflict Canadian diamonds to the American market. She oversaw the many foreign concerns in the jewelry industry and fully realized the importance of intellectual property in the online world. Working closely with seasoned marketing professionals and members of the jewelry industry, she honed her skills to understand the impact marketing, trademark, copyright and internet law have on building a brand. Since 2004, Natalie has continued to pursue this field through her own practice and brings that knowledge and experience to you.

Natalie is an Executive Committee member of the Corporate Counsel Section of the New York State Bar Association where she is actively involved in the Technology and New Media Subcommittee as well as Past Co-Chair of the New York County Lawyers’ Association (NYCLA)’s Cyberspace Law Committee.

Corporate Counsel Section Web Page and “Community”
Thanks to the efforts of our Technology and New Media Committee headed by Natalie Sulimani and Fawn Horvath, you will find links to three new short video messages on our website. The first one, from me, introduces the other two, from longtime Section member (and former Chair) Mitch Borger of Macy’s, and more recent member (and former Secretary) Sarah Feingold, of Etsy. Each of us explains in his or her own way how and why we have found the Section valuable to us both personally and professionally, and why you should remain (or become) a member.

As explained in my prior message, the New York State Bar Association is slowly but steadily introducing electronic “communities” as an adjunct to the nysba.org website. Your Executive Committee (EC) has been using its own private Community for several months now as a common repository for Section-related documents such as Minutes of meetings and event rosters, announcements and notices, and discussions on topics of common interest. As with all NYSBA communities, each EC member can select how to receive email communications from the EC Community, whether in real time, or via a daily or weekly digest. We have found that participation in the Community has been slowly but steadily increasing. There are a number of other Communities on the nysba.org website that are already accessible to all NYSBA members, such as the Technology Community. We are planning to use a new Community page being established by NYSBA to enable Section members to interact with law students as part of NYSBA’s Pathways to the Profession initiative. As mentioned in my last Message in the Spring/Summer edition of INSIDE, the Section will soon be rolling out a Section-wide Community and inviting all Section members to participate. Please watch for an announcement inviting you to join the Corporate Counsel Section Community and explaining what you need to do to sign up and participate (you may possibly have already received this announcement by the time you read this). I think you will find the process quite straightforward, and once you have done it, you will have at your fingertips a new and useful benefit of membership in the Section.

Member Appreciation and Networking (MA&N)
Our first 2014 MA&N event took place on June 16, 2015 at Upstairs at the Kimberly Hotel in Manhattan and was greatly enjoyed by all who participated.

Transition Time at INSIDE 
Once again, my great thanks to the hard working and productive co-Editors of INSIDE, Janice Handler and Allison Tomlinson, who have so ably brought you this newsletter in recent years. The Spring/Summer issue was Allison’s last, and this issue is Janice’s last as co-Editor. The next issue, expected to appear in January 2015, will be co-edited by our new editorial team of EC member Jessica Thaler and law student CCS member Matthew Bobrow, and we look forward to seeing what they will bring to our Section’s flagship publication.

Helpful Links for Navigating this Section

Executive Committee Roster
Archives of Section videos
List of Section Committees 

The Corporate Counsel Section committees consist of Publications, CLE and Meetings, Diversity, Technology and New Media, Kenneth G. Standard Diversity Internship Program, Membership, and Pro Bono.

Technology and New Media -  This Committee works to leverage technology and multimedia platforms in order to better serve our members to help them better connect with each other and the Committee activities via social media and by creating a more robust experience on the  NYSBA.org website. The Committee is also charged with implementing and improving use of technology and emerging media in presenting, preserving and distributing CLE and other Committee events, programs and content.

Continuing Legal Education and Meetings - This Committee is charged with planning the educational part of the Section’s offerings, including CLE presented at the Annual Meeting in January, the biennial Ethics for Corporate Counsel program given even year autumns, and the biennial Corporate Counsel Institute provided in odd numbered years in the fall.

Diversity  - This Committee is charged with formulating and implementing the Section’s response to the NYSBA President’s Section Diversity Challenge with the goal of increasing not only the number of “diverse” members in our Section, but also increasing their participation in Section activities and leadership positions, and the ability of the Section to address their needs.

INSIDE/Publications - This Committee is responsible for putting together and publishing the Section’s newsletter INSIDE that we distribute free to Section members, and that generally comes out three times a year.

Kenneth G. Standard Diversity Internship Program - This Committee is responsible for administering and managing all aspects of the Section’s Diversity Internship program, named in honor of former NYSBA President Kenneth G. Standard. The Section works with various New York State law schools each year to select several “diverse” law students to apply for summer internships in corporate law departments with New York State based companies or organizations that are willing to pay at least half the $6,000 stipend that is granted to each intern, with Section funds supplying the other half. The hiring company decides which applicant(s) to select from the pool supplied by the law schools. The Section also works through the New York Bar Foundation to fund one NFP intern. This Committee has also set up a mentoring program for current interns and internship alumni.

Membership - This Committee works in various ways to help maintain and increase Section membership each year and sponsors occasional Membership Appreciation and Networking events as a benefit to Section members.  Please contact Beth Gould if you are interested or complete and mail in the Corporate Counsel Section Member Brochure to become a member of the section and to select any committee you would like to join.