Negotiation Committee

The recently formed Negotiation Committee, now co-chaired by Norman Solovay and Peter Bernbaum, intends to reach out to include more law students and newly admitted lawyers while continuing to utilize interactive role playing and other techniques to demonstrate how to conduct negotiations and how to avoid ethical and other problems and issues that can arise in them.  We have also already begun to expand our Committee’s focus on keeping members of our Section and others up to date on the stream of new information and discoveries that are altering prior assumptions about best negotiation practices.  As one example, after arranging for the publication in the New York Dispute Resolution Lawyer of an article on neuroscience we are attempting to arrange for its co-author, a leading author and trainer on the subject, to present a program on how best to adapt and utilize some of the astonishing game-changing discoveries now constantly being made in this field.

In addition to those interested in neuroscience, the subject of negotiation continues to attract the attention of many other skilled writers and teachers and we anticipate being able to organize a number of other programs featuring some of their experience and new insights as well as those of some of the outstanding members of our Committee.

We not only are open to further suggestions from our fellow section members but will be most appreciative of them.

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