Environmental Law Section Mission Statement

Environmental Law Section

The purpose of this Section is to bring together members of the New York State Bar
Association who are interested in environmental law for furtherance of the public interest in an
effective and fair legal framework for protection of the human and natural environment, and for
furtherance of their mutual interests; to promote a diverse membership so that those who
participate in the Section’s activities and the products of the Section’s work will be enriched
and enhanced by the different perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences of its members; to
further the education of the bar and the public in environmental law, policy, and administration;
to disseminate information about environmental law; to study existing or proposed
environmental laws and their operation and to report on those existing or proposed laws to the
Association, and when appropriate to the bar, public, and federal, state, and municipal
authorities; subject to any limitations imposed in the Bylaws of the New York State Bar
Association or by the House of Delegates or Executive Committee, to support, promote, or
initiate desirable environmental law reform, and to oppose changes in environmental laws and
administration that would not be in the public interest; to further the interdisciplinary work of
the Bar with other specialists involved in environmental protection; and to study the
relationship between environmental law in New York State and other jurisdictions in which
actions occur to cause adverse environmental effects within New York, and to make
recommendations for the improved integration of those laws to better effectuate protection of
human health, the natural environment and the public welfare.