Greening the Legal Profession

The Environmental and Energy Law Section has launched an initiative to green the legal profession in New York State.

Since lawyers have made such a big contribution to paperwork, hopefully we can lead the way to reducing it, and making the legal industry more environmentally friendly. As a Section, we have continued to use conference calls and web-based tools to put on programs, and to reduce paper materials for meetings and CLEs by using CDs. Not only does this save on our carbon footprint, but it enables members of our Section to attend programs for a smaller investment of time and money. Led by our Pollution Prevention Committee Co-Chairs Megan Brillault and Kristen Wilson, our plans include encouraging New York law offices to enroll in the ABA-EPL Law Office Climate Challenge, and greening the State Bar Association through the strategies our Section has already launched. We also want to encourage changes to the state court system, including electronic filing, as proposed in Green Justice: An Environmental Action Plan for the New York State Court System, a 2008 report issued by Judge Kaye.

Contact Lisa Bataille for further information.