Health Law Section Committees

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Continuing Legal Education (CLE)

Committee Chair
Robert P. Borsody

Committee roster

E-Health and Information Systems

Committee Co-Chairs
Charles C. Dunham, IV, Esq.
(518) 487-0223

Daniel Meier
(914) 682-6819

Committee Roster


Ethical Issues in the Provision of Health Care 

Committee Co-Chairs
Lawrence R. Faulkner, Esq.
(914) 495.4508

Alice H. Herb, Esq.
(212) 243-6662

Committee Roster

Health Care Providers and Networks

Committee Co-Chairs
Reginald Bullock, Jr., Esq.

David A. Manko, Esq.
(516) 357-3005

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Health Professionals

Committee Roster

Legislative Issues

Committee Chair
James W. Lytle, Esq.

Committee Roster


Managed Care and Insurance

Committee Co-Chairs
Harold N. Iselin, Esq.
(518) 689-1400

Ross P. Lanzafame, Esq.
(585) 231-1203

Committee Roster


Medical Research and Biotechnology

Committee Mission Statement and Goals

  • Internal: To keep members up-to-date on cutting-edge developments in the law relevant to medical research and the use of nanobiotech and biotechnology in clinical practice; 
  • External: to partake in activities that meaningfully contribute to the development of sound laws, policies and regulations governing biomedical research and clinical practice; and 
  • Networking: to provide members with an opportunity to network with colleagues on the committee and with relevant external organizations and individuals.

Committee Co-Chairs
Alex C. Brownstein, Esq.
(646) 228-2972

Samuel J. Servello, Esq.
(212) 554-7872

Committee Roster


Membership Committee

The Committee is responsible for Section recruitment and member support.  The Committee also organizes membership appreciation activities. Includes subcommittee devoted to the Section’s participation in the Bar Association’s Diversity Initiatives.  This subcommittee is responsible for implementation of our summer internship program and our efforts to reach out to minority bar associations. Participation is especially useful for young attorneys who are trying to break into the Health Law field, as its activities provide rich networking opportunities.

Committee Co-Chairs
Karen L.I. Gallinari, Esq.

Hon. James F. Horan, ALJ
(518) 402-0748

Committee Roster


Mental Hygiene and Developmental Disabilities

We envision the committee as a forum in which those who are involved in serving MH and MR/DD providers or who have interests in those issues will be able to exchange information, concerns and views. We expect that new developments, such as the introduction of managed care, the admin cap/exec comp regs, and the expected Justice Center will be the focus of discussion, and will lead to further activities.

Committee Co-Chairs
Hermes Fernandez, Esq.
(518) 533-3000

Carolyn Reinach Wolf, Esq.
(516) 592-5857

Committee Roster


Public Health Law Committee

The committee focuses on legal issues in the realm of public health, or the health of communities or populations. It serves as a forum to discuss current public health issues and undertake various types of projects to educate our members as well as other attorneys and the general public on legal issues in public health. Past activities have included:

  • A written analysis comparing current New York laws with model laws related to public health emergencies; 
  • A policy paper on legal issues, barriers, and solutions regarding health care costs; 
  • Participation in planning a full-day continuing legal education seminar on accountable care organizations; the opportunity to comment on proposed New York State bills on public health issues; and 
  • Speakers on conference calls about various public health topics our committee chooses. The speaker series in 2012 has centered around how the public health sector’s long experience in gathering and interpreting data can assist in healthcare reform and its data-driven paradigms.

The committee holds regular conference calls on the second Wednesday of each month for about 1 hour and an in-person meeting at the NYSBA annual meeting in January. 

Committee Co-Chair
Julia C. Goings-Perrot, Esq.
(845) 565-1100

Committee Roster


Publications and Web Page

Committee Chair
Robert N. Swidler, Esq.
(518) 525-6099

Committee Roster


Reimbursement, Enforcement and Compliance

Committee Co-Chairs
Robert A. Hussar, Esq.
(518) 431-6730

Melissa M. Zambri, Esq.
(518) 429-4229

Committee Roster

Young Lawyers

Committee Co-Chairs:
Nicole Ozminkowski

Dennis Williams

Comments to the NYS Medicaid Inspector General re MED-39-09-00007-P and MED 39-09-00008-P (November 2009)
Comments to the NYS Medicaid Inspector General re OMIG Audit of Ancillary Services.... (November 2008)