Health Law Section Committees

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Continuing Legal Education (CLE)

Our objective is to initiate CLE presentations and to assist the production of CLE presentations initiated by other committees of our Section. Our ultimate objective is to assure that our Section members will be able to satisfy the required 24 hours of CLE every two years, solely by attending CLE presentations put on by our Section.

Committee Chair

Sandra Maliszewski, Esq. 

Committee roster

developmental disabilities

The Committee on Developmental Disabilities will focus on a broad range of issues specific to the area of special needs and developmental disabilities. Issues to be addressed will include Article 17A guardianships; educational, residential, and vocational programs and services for children and adults suffering from a developmental disability; dual diagnosis with mental illness;  stigma; pertinent laws which impact this area; and many others.

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Ethical Issues in the Provision of Health Care 

Mission: Ethical considerations are, or should be, part of almost all decisions and applications of health care. Some obvious areas with strong ethical implications include surrogate health care decision making, end of life care and decisions and  research. Areas of health care which also involve ethical considerations, but not as obvious, include the organization and access to health care, cost control and mental health issues.  The Committee attempts to bring information on these issues, and others, to the legal community so that knowledgeable counsel and representation can be provided. Programs are designed  to provide information to attorneys involved in hospital and physician representation, patient advocacy, legislative advocacy, etc.

Committee Chair

Brendan Parent, Esq.

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The E-Health and Information Systems Committee was designed to focus on the developing laws, regulations and standards in the field of Health Information Technology.  This Committee covers the growing field of HIT as well as E-Health developments such as Telehealth and Telemedicine, Electronic Health Records (EHR), eHealth Collaborative and RHIOs, HIPAA & HITECH, and Provider Integration under ACO/DSRIP/MCO.   

Committee Chair

Daniel Meier, Esq.

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The Providers and In-House Counsel Committee will discuss a broad range of issues facing healthcare providers, whether hospitals, physicians and physician groups, home care agencies, labs, pharmacies, or others.  These issues range from contractual, corporate, regulatory and compliance to antitrust, professional liability, tax and tax-exempt issues, formation of networks, DSRIP, payer issues, and more. It will seek to focus on issues with which in-house counsel are often involved, including patient care matters and changes to the law that can require changes to institutional policies and procedures.  It will also look at whether there are changes in the law that the committee can promote or provide education about.

Committee Co-Chairs
Margaret Davino, Esq.

Anoush Koroghlian Scott Esq.

Carolyn Levine, Esq.

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More than ever before, as a result of the rapid changes in the healthcare industry, licensed healthcare professionals are accepting employments with large health systems or consolidating into larger single and multi-disciplinary groups.  Many of these arrangements are in response to the greater demands for collaboration and coordination among health care providers.  They also appear to be driven by the significant  investments in practice infrastructure needed to comply with the ever increasing health care regulations as well as prepare for more dramatic changes in the provider payment methodologies that will focus payment  on value and patient outcomes.   The mission of the Licensed Healthcare Professionals Committee is to focus on the legal issues, challenges, and laws and regulations that licensed individual healthcare professionals and their counsel face and help educate them in these areas.

Committee Chair:

Jay Silverman, Esq.

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The Legislative Issues Committee of the Health Law Section analyzes pending legislation and proposed regulations and makes recommendations to the Section on positions that might be taken with respect to these proposed laws or regulations.  These discussions have resulted in the filing of memoranda in support or opposition to legislation and, where appropriate, in the filing of detailed comments on pending regulations.  In addition, the committee has researched and developed legislation to advance itself on a topic of interest to the Health Law Section.  

Committee Chair
James W. Lytle, Esq.

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Long Term Care

The Long-Term Care Committee focuses on legal issues relating to skilled nursing, assisted living, home care and other providers of long-term care.  It provides a forum for members to discuss laws, regulations, and policies relating to the operation and oversight of long-term care providers; offers members opportunities to comment on developments relating to long-term care; undertakes initiatives to educate members, other attorneys and the public on legal issues relating to long-term care; and provide opportunities for member networking.

Committee Chair

Jane Bello-Burke, Esq.

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Medical Research and Biotechnology

Committee Mission Statement and Goals 

  • Internal: To keep members up-to-date on cutting-edge developments in the law relevant to medical research and the use of nanobiotech and biotechnology in clinical practice; 
  • External: to partake in activities that meaningfully contribute to the development of sound laws, policies and regulations governing biomedical research and clinical practice; and 
  • Networking: to provide members with an opportunity to network with colleagues on the committee and with relevant external organizations and individuals.

Comments on U.S. FDA Guidance entitled "Framework for Regulatory Oversight of Laboratory Developed Tests (LDTs) January 2015
Franken-Food or Scare Tactics? The Science, Law and Technology of Genetically Modified Foods - Excerpts from Panel Discussion NYSBA Health Law Journal Spring/Summer 2015
NYSBA Health Law Section Medical Research and Biotechnology Committee and Food, Drug Cosmetic Law Section Recommended Changes to Accommodate Biosimilars - November 2015
Health Law Section Medical Research and Biotechnology Committee: Proposed Revisions To The Common Rule Federal Policy For The Protection of Human Subjects - October 26, 2015
NYSBA Health Law Section Medical Research and Biotechnology Committee and Food, Drug Cosmetic Law Section Comments on FDA Guidance on “Nonproprietary Naming of Biological Products: Guidance for Industry” October 26, 2015

Committee Co-Chairs
Alex C. Brownstein, Esq.

Samuel J. Servello, Esq.

Committee Roster


The Committee is responsible for Section recruitment and member support.  The Committee also organizes membership appreciation activities. Includes subcommittee devoted to the Section’s participation in the Bar Association’s Diversity Initiatives.  This subcommittee is responsible for implementation of our summer internship program and our efforts to reach out to minority bar associations. Participation is especially useful for young attorneys who are trying to break into the Health Law field, as its activities provide rich networking opportunities. 

Committee Chair

Mishka Woodley, Esq.

Committee Roster

Mental Health Law

The Mental Health Law Committee will focus on legal issues concerning mental health/ behavioral health. This includes guardianship, access to inpatient and outpatient treatment, employment or housing discrimination, the overlap of our criminal justice system with mental health issues, and many other related topics. This committee will educate members about the existing mental health and related laws, clarify misinformation about mental illness and mental health laws, substance abuse, and other related issues, implications of media portrayal of mental illness, and address the issue of stigma, in light of the recent tragedies around the country incorrectly linking violence to mental illness. One of the goals of the committee is to have input in drafting legislation that affects individuals with mental illness and bring these issues to the attention of our lawmakers.

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The Professional Discipline Committee will discuss issues facing physicians and other licensed health care professionals in the area of professional discipline, including investigations and proceedings involving the Office of Professional Misconduct (OPMC) and Office of Professional Discipline (OPD).  The Committee will follow legislative and administrative proposals that may affect such professionals, and comment upon them where appropriate.

Committee Chair

Joseph DeMarzo, Esq.

Committee Roster


The Public Health Law Committee provides a forum for discussing the legal powers and duties of government to maintain a healthy population and the tension between the government's role in protecting and promoting public health and the rights and interests of individual citizens.

Committee Chair
Veda Collmer, Esq.

Committee Roster


The mission of the committee is to assist new and experienced healthcare attorneys, compliance officers, healthcare executives and students related to current and prospective requirements and government initiatives in the areas of reimbursement, fraud, abuse and compliance.  Initiatives include Providing feedback and practical guidance in response to proposed statutes, regulations, guidance and government initiatives;  Creating, distributing or presenting reimbursement, fraud, abuse and compliance related education programs and regulatory updates; and Providing a forum to informally discuss compliance related issues, policies, practices and tools. 

Committee Roster



Hermes Fernandez, Esq.

Nathan Prystowsky, Esq.


The Young Health Lawyers Committee is designed to create opportunities and facilitate development activities through education and networking.  The Committee is targeted to early- career lawyers who are new to, or interested in, the health law field. 

Committee Co-Chairs:

Nicole Ozminkowski, Esq.

Nathan Prystowsky, Esq.

Committee Roster

Comments to the NYS Medicaid Inspector General re MED-39-09-00007-P and MED 39-09-00008-P (November 2009)
Comments to the NYS Medicaid Inspector General re OMIG Audit of Ancillary Services.... (November 2008)