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Executive Committee 

Employment Relations:  This committee addresses such matters as collective bargaining issues, employment and personnel policies, and civil service. 

Ethics and Professionalism:  This committee address issues such as statutory conflicts of interest, gifts to public officials, local ethics codes and boards of ethics, appearances of impropriety, lobbying acts, and Rule of Professional Conduct specific to municipal attorneys and practice.

Finance Committee:  Chaired by the Treasurer and including interested Section members, this committee addresses matters relating to the finances of the Section. 

Land Use, Green Development and Environmental This committee addresses such matters as SEQRA, zoning and planning, federal clean air/clean water acts, and RLUIPA. The Committee also examines ways municipalities can encourage, through legislation or incentives, sustainable design of structures, increased energy efficiency and reduced impact on scarce resource resources. 

Membership and Diversity Committee This committee works to develop the Section’s membership, strengthen its diversity, and evaluate and improve the Section’s services to its members. 

Taxation, Finance and Economic Development: This committee addresses issues such as real property taxation, real property assessments and grievances, exemptions and tax cap.  

Municipal Counsel:  This new committee is aimed at Section members who are attorneys for municipal entities or serve in a similar capacity either in house or in private practice.  This committee will address issues such as advising local boards, drafting local laws, procurement, and open meetings and FOIL. 

State and Federal Constitutional LawThis committee is primarily designed to keep Section members abreast of developments in State and federal constitutional law.  Public officials frequently deal with issues arising out of the first amendment (employee speech, prayers/ invocations at board meetings, holiday displays), equal protection and due process (use of public facilities/changing benefits/salary).  It would also be the committee to address issues arising under the New York State Constitution, such as separation of powers, home rule and the like.    

Liability and Insurance:  Many of the Section’s members represent parties in personal injury litigation involving municipalities, the subject addressed by this committee.