Committee on Legislation

Committee on Legislation


Mission Statement

Dated: July 9, 2010

General Mission:

The general mission of the Committee on Legislation is to monitor the flow of proposed legislation in both the State Assembly and the Senate affecting any aspect of real property and to forward each such bill to the RPLS Committee with relevant substantive expertise to recommend whether the RPLS should support, oppose or be neutral with respect to that bill. The Committee strives to identify and oppose those bills which, in the opinion of the Committee, threaten to impose unjust and/or unintended consequences or otherwise impede real estate commerce. The Committee's overriding goal is to improve the law affecting real property by simplifying, clarifying or streamlining it, not by changing it substantively.

Additionally, the committee strives to:

1. educate the Bar regarding prospective legislative developments that affect real property;

2. seek recommendations for changes in law and regulations;

3. prepare reports, forms and proposed legislation on areas of interest for presentation to the Committee and the Section;

4. coordinate with other groups for education or toward other common goals;

5. communicate the activities and viewpoints of the Committee to the Section and the Bar Association and vice versa; and

6. educate the public.


All members of the Bar are welcome to join the Committee.

Organization and Meetings:

The Committee has two Co-Chairs, one from downstate and one from upstate.

The Committee meets quarterly via conference call at such times as the Co-Chairs call a meeting. The Committee may meet at other times as circumstances warrant, upon notice from the Co-Chairs.