Committee on Not-For-Profit Entities and Concerns

Committee on Not-For-Profit Entities and Concerns Mission Statement


The Committee on Not-for-Profit Entities and Concerns exists for the purpose of identifying and addressing those concerns specific to the acquisition, financing, leasing, development, operation, disposition and taxation of real property by not-for-profit entities.

This purpose shall be carried out through the following:

  • Education
    • maintain current checklist/outline of relevant issues
    • promulgate to section members recent legislation, regulation and case law
    • organize and present programs on topics of interest to practitioners
  • Advocacy
    • monitor and comment on proposed legislation and regulations
    • propose and/or support reforms as needed
    • coordinate activities with other Sections of the NYS Bar Association and other Bar Associations
  • Inquiry
    • provide resource for members with specific questions
  • Identify Issues of Concern
    • consider inconsistent and/or cumbersome laws or regulations and begin or join the dialogue as needed with legislators or regulators to resolve concerns