Committee on Title and Transfer

Committee on Title and Transfer


Mission Statement

Dated: July 20, 2007

The general mission of the Committee is:

1. to educate the Bar regarding current and prospective developments that affect title to and transfer of real property.

2. to monitor and recommend changes in law and regulations.

3. to prepare reports, forms and proposed legislation on areas of interest for presentation to the Committee and the Section.

4. to provide feedback to the legislature and the governor’s office on proposed legislation commenting on its potential impact on the Bar and the public

5. to communicate the activities and viewpoints of the Committee to the Section and the Bar Association


All members of the Bar are welcome to join the Committee.

Organization and Meetings:

The Committee has three Co-Chairs, two from downstate and one from upstate.

The Committee meets annually at the time of the Section's annual meeting. The Committee also meets at the time of the Section's summer meeting or such other times whether in person or by conference call as circumstances warrant, upon notice from the Co-Chairs.

Meetings typically consist of: (1) reports of standing subcommittees and task forces, if any; (2) reports on current legislative, case law and other developments; and (3) discussion of topics of general interest.

The Co-Chairs will from time to time establish Subcommittees and/or task forces to review, comment and report on important legislation, caselaw, title insurance issues and other developments that affect the area of title and transfer.