Section Publications

Antitrust Law Section
Antitrust Law Section Symposium
Editors: Robert L. Hubbard, Esq. and Arlene Leventhal 

Business Law Section 
NY Business Law Journal
Editors: David L. Glass, Esq. and Prof. James Redwood

Commercial and Federal Litigation Section
Editor: Daniel K. Wiig, Esq.
Commercial and Federal Litigation Section Newsletter
Editor: Prof. Mark L. Davies 

Corporate Counsel Section
Editors: Elizabeth Shampnoi, Esq.

Criminal Justice Section 
New York Criminal Law Newsletter
Editor: Jay Shapiro, Esq.

Dispute Resolution Section 
New York Dispute Resolution Lawyer
Editors: Edna Sussman, Esq., Laura A. Kaster, Esq. and Sherman W. Kahn, Esq.

Elder Law and Special Needs Section
Elder and Special Needs Law Journal
Editors: Tara Anne Pleat, Esq. and Judith Nolfo McKenna, Esq.

Entertainment, Arts and Sports Law Section 
Entertainment, Arts and Sports Law Journal
Editor: Elissa D. Hecker, Esq.

Environmental Law Section
The New York Environmental Lawyer
Editors: Miriam E. Villani, Esq., Justin M. Birzon, Esq., Prof. Keith Hirokawa, and Aaron Gershonowitz, Esq.

Family Law Section 
Family Law Review
Editor: Lee Rosenberg, Esq.

General Practice Section 
One on One
Editors: Martin Minkowitz, Esq., Richard A. Klass, Esq. and Matthew N. Bobrow

Health Law Section 
Health Law Journal
Editor: Brendan Parent, J.D.

Intellectual Property Law Section 
Bright Ideas
Editor: Jonathan Bloom, Esq. 

International Section
New York International Law Review
Editor: Jennifer Ismat, Esq. 
International Law Practicum
Editors: Torsten Kracht, Esq. and Dunniela Kaufman, Esq.

Labor and Employment Law Section 
Labor and Employment Law Journal
Editors: Colin M. Leonard, Esq. and Laura C. Monaco, Esq.

Local and State Government Law Section 
Municipal Lawyer
Editors: Prof. Rodger Citron and Prof. Mike Lewyn
Government, Law and Policy Journal

Editor:  Rose Mary K. Bailly, Esq. 

Real Property Law Section 
N.Y. Real Property Law Journal
Editors: William Johnson, Esq., Prof. Vincent DiLorenzo, Marvin N. Bagwell, Esq. and Matthew J. Leeds, Esq.

Senior Lawyers Section 
The Senior Lawyer
Editor: Carole A. Burns, Esq.

Torts, Insurance and Compensation Law Section
Torts, Insurance & Compensation Law Section Journal
Editor: David A. Glazer, Esq.
Construction & Surety Law Newsletter
Editors: C. Allan Reeve, Esq. and Patricia Rooney, Esq.

Trial Lawyers Section 
Trial Lawyers Section Digest
Editor: T. Andrew Brown, Esq.

Trusts and Estates Law Section
Trusts and Estates Law Section Newsletter
Editor: Jaclene D'Agostino, Esq.

Young Lawyers Section
Editor: Keri Mahoney, Esq.