Committee Activity in Review

As published in The Senior Lawyer:

Spring 2010, The Senior Lawyer
Senior Lawyer Quality of Life Committee

What Is the Senior Lawyer Quality of Life Committee?

Just exactly what does the Quality of Life Committee DO? The answer, my colleagues, is not “written in the wind”: it is with YOU! YOUR personal input and vision, regarding the Committee’s mission and selective goals, will define who we are and what we do. Our overall objectives should be designed to educate, enlighten, and enhance the lives, in a variety of ways, of those seniors who will join with us, and who are willing to get actively engaged in one or more of the Committee’s enriching projects now being developed.

We urge ALL seniors, including those members who have not yet joined the Senior Lawyers Section, to take a few moments to review the list below, and check those areas which may be of interest to you, and to indicate your willingness to serve as a subcommittee Chair or Co-Chair.

  • Quality of life issues
  • Career continuity
  • Career changes
  • The desire and opportunity to:
    – Render pro bono service– Serve on boards– Mentor other attorneys– Take educational courses relevant to seniors– Social activities for seniors

If you’re still not sure if you want to sign on, take a quick look at some of the exciting and beneficial topics you can work on with us: see

The character and future of the Senior Lawyer Quality of Life Committee will be defined by your collective responses. Please take a few moments to let us know your interests and to share YOUR vision with us. Just click on

M. Barry Levy

Fall 2009, The Senior Lawyer
Senior Lawyer Quality of Life Committee (formerly the Senior Lawyer Services Committee)

The Services Committee has undertaken to explore various areas of interest. Those under consideration are, among others:

(a) Career Management Assistance;
(b) Paid Teaching Opportunities;
(c) Social Events and Educational Programs;
(d) Linking Pre-Retiring Solo Practitioners with Law Firms;
(e) Local Social Events for Single Seniors; and
(f) Mentoring and Diet/Exercise.

The Committee invites your suggestions and participation.

M. Barry Levy