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The Trial Lawyers Section of the New York State Bar Association is pleased to welcome Section members and visitors. Among the resources available at this site is a comprehensive listing of links relevant to the Section, information concerning the National Trial Competition Region 2 for law students that is sponsored by the Trial Lawyers Section, information concerning scholarships made available by the TLS to new attorneys who demonstrate a commitment to diversity, and upcoming networking and CLE events. Members of the Section are invited to share ideas and seek opinions in the Trial Lawyers Section e-community listserve/forum.

Bridging the Gap Segments
Civil Practice in NYS Supreme Court – Top 10 Mistakes to Avoid in Commencing or Responding to a Lawsuit
Skillfully Handling Your First Deposition and Deposition Basics for NY Litigators
CPLR Update (2017)
Cross Examination of a Witness 101
Fundamentals of Depositions
New York Civil Trial and Procedure 
Ten Tips for Taking Your First Deposition
New York Civil Practice and Procedure Update

Skillfully Handling Your First Deposition | 10 Tips for Success
New York Civil Practice and Procedure Update 2016
Trying Cases: Understanding the Mindset and Trial Platform Needed to Win
Discovery, Motions and Depositions | Key Tips for Success
Cross Examination of an Expert Witness in a Medical Malpractice Case

Recorded Program Archive

Jury Selection: The Importance of Data-Driven Consulting in Litigation (2018)

Alternative Dispute Resolution in Personal Injury and Civil Litigation (2018)

Intro to Civil Practice Skills: Torts, Personal Injury and Insurance Law (2018)

Failure to Diagnose Breast Cancer - Medical Malpractice (2018)

CPLR Update 2018

Anatomy and Medicine for Lawyers: How Injury Relates to Litigation (2018)

Keeping Current with New York Automobile Litigation (2018)

Deposition Boot Camp (2017) - Part 1 and Part 2 

Henry Miller - The Trial (2017)

Cross Examination of Expert Witnesses (2013)

Basics of Civil Practice: The Trial (2013)

Basics of Trial Practice: After the Verdict (2013)

New York Evidence Rules: Civil and Criminal (2013)

The Art of Selecting and Engaging the Jury (2012)

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