Committee on Disability Rights


Mission Statement:

The Committee on Disability Rights shall consider any and all matters pertaining to legal issues affecting people with disabilities, including but not limited to (a) development, promotion, analysis and/or comment on proposed, pending or existing legislation, regulations, or governmental policies or procedures, (b) education of the legal community, government and the general public, (c) provision of forum for discussion of important public issues, and (d) involvement in law reform activities.

This Committee was established on June 1, 1982 and is chaired by Tara L. Moffett, Esq.

A Guide to the use of Service Animals in New York State

Working with Jurors with Disabilities 
A guide for attorneys who are working with jurors or potential jurors who have disabilities.


Disability Law and Practice: Book One
Special Education, Assistive Technology and Vocational Rehabilitation

Professor Nancy Maurer
Simeon Goldman, Esq.

Product Description

This is the first of a three book series that together will provide a broad education in all aspects of disability law and practice. Each standalone volume focuses on a particular area of disability law and includes chapters on ethics and resources for the practitioner. Book One in this series provides useful guidance in the areas of special education, assistive technology and vocational rehabilitation.

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PN: 42153-1 | 2013 | 382 pages | softbound
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Disability Rights Law For Labor & Employment Attorneys in New York (PDF)
By Mark H. Leeds, Esq. (Updated April 11, 2013)